5 Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Waste

Here are some easy ways to cut down your daily plastic waste at work and at home.

I seperated it into two areas, the first one is ‘Always carry‘, which focuses more on products that are convenient in our daily life and the second one is ‘Replace‘, which shows alternatives to ‘throw-away-products’ that we usually use at home.



There are also a lot of beautiful naked (plastic free) cosmetics that you can easily purchase at LUSH fresh handmade cosmetics in store & online

‘Full Of Grace’ Solid Facial Serum
‘Yuge’ Hot Oil Hair Treatment
Solid Showergel and Shower Body Conditioner
Solid Shampoos (1 = saves 3 plastic bottles and lasts for 80-100 uses)

Refillable Naked Lipstick
Naked Foundation Slapstick
Naked Highlighter Stick

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5 Student Friendly Vegan Recipes

All 5 seem amazing can’t wait to try them!!


When I first decided to become vegan, one of the hardest things was finding recipes that were easy and budget friendly. So I thought to save someone hours of searching for some quick vegan grub, I’d make a post with my top 5 student friendly recipes. These recipes are mainly my own concoctions made from experimenting with and combining different recipes I found, but I have included links to those that came from elsewhere. I’d also like to point out that these recipes can all be made gluten free by substituting the flour – it might just require extra moisture to stop it drying out!


Lentil Curry

This recipe was one that I threw together when I was improvising, and I have to say, it’s one of my favourites. It’s quick and easy, and you can experiment with what veg you throw in – these are just my usual…

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5 Ideas for a Very Vegan Valentine’s Day

These are awesome ideas especially the cat cafe one!

Trisstessa Writes

As soon as February hits, we all know what to expect. Flowers. Red hearts. Balloons. Dinners by candlelight. Large teddy bears. Generic gift baskets filled with lotions, perfumes, candy. They’re all simple and, sometimes, classic ways to commemorate February 14, but, depending on your Valentine, you might want to try something a bit different. 

Do you have a special vegan in your life that you’re looking to woo this Valentine’s Day? Not sure where to start? With the holiday rapidly approaching, you might be (tofu) scrambling to come up with some ways to knock your partner off feet. Well, don’t fret! Here are some fun ways you can celebrate with your vegan Valentine this year.

Head to a Cat Cafe

Is there a more fun outing than sipping on coffee while petting cute kitties? Probably not! Cat cafes are about what you would expect: themed coffee shops where the main…

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My Favourite Vegan Brands: Skylar

“After many months of working with world-class perfumers and testing our products in real life, we created a collection of perfumes that gave us the answer we were all looking for. Skylar is a brand of natural perfumes that you can feel great about spritzing. The name Skylar was inspired by the qualities of a clear day – airy, natural, and beautiful.”

The other day I was lucky enough to receive some amazing samples from a brand called Skylar. They make perfumes which are vegan, cruelty free and hypoallergenic. Their products are also Paraben free, Sulfate free, Phthalate free, Allergen free and they also have no Synthetic Dyes. Plus since they are certified vegan they have no animal products in their perfumes either. For more on their ingredients click here.

Skylar prefers to use as many natural ingredients as they can and the rest of the ingredients are also tested to make sure they are not harmful to the person using them.

I had been looking for vegan and cruelty free perfumes for a while now when I came across their site. It was actually one of those freak instances where the universe kind of pushes (or usually in my case shoves…) you in the right direction.

They have six perfumes in the sample box and for this part of the blog I will be talking about them individually:

  1. Arrow- “Warm, spicy and seductive.” I really liked the smell of this one. It smells exactly how they describe it. I think this would be perfect if you’re one of those people who loves socialising or going out a lot. I also think this would be the perfect perfume to wear on a date. It has that punk rock aura to it that I absolutely loved.
  2. Capri- “Sparkling, zesty, and sweet.” I really liked this one too. I think this is perfect for spring when the flowers are coming in and you’re no longer freezing to death. If you’re a social person with an extroverted personality this is what I assume your scent would be like.
  3. Coral- “Fruity, floral, and flirty.” This one was my sisters favourite out of all of them. I think this is the perfect scent for summer because it’s so light and fruity- it feels like you just came back from picking fruit. My sister has been using it every day even though it’s winter but I think it still totally works!
  4. Isle– “Clean, dewy, and fresh.” This scent is very reminiscent of the ocean or the beach. This is another perfume that would be absolutely perfect for summer. It kind of reminds me of when you’re a kid and your parents take you to the beach. The perfume really brings back good memories.
  5. Meadow- “Floral, elegant, and beautiful.” This is my second favourite scent out of all six of them. It smells very fresh like you’re sitting in a garden full of flowers. I think this is the perfect perfume for spring and summer especially it you’re an outdoorsy person.
  6. Willow- “Woodsy, lush, and cool.” Although I loved all the samples this was my absolute favourite. I’ve been wearing this every day since I received the samples. It is totally the perfect scent for my personality. It’s earthy and it feels like your sitting in a forest and I just absolutely love it. I love nature and to be able to smell it all day long is just the best feeling ever especially since it’s winter and nothing smells earthy right now.

My Final Thoughts

As I say a lot on this blog I have very sensitive skin and a lot of makeup products and perfumes cause me to get eczema and so I was a little nervous to try out Skylar, a brand I had never used before. However, thankfully my skin was totally fine and there was no reaction from the perfume at all. So if you are very sensitive I would recommend trying out these perfumes.

I think the price is not the most affordable but I do think it’s worth the price. It lasts the whole day for me even though I spray it on in the morning and since it’s hypoallergenic it doesn’t mess up my skin. Plus, it’s vegan and cruelty free and better for the environment then other perfumes.

In case you’re confused about which one to buy they have a quiz that will match you with the perfect perfume for you.

If you’re still not sure whether you want to buy the perfumes try out their sample palette. It costs $20 but you earn a $20 credit which you can use to buy a full sized bottle of whichever one you liked the best! And if that’s not enough I was able to get you guys a discount! Use the code POOJA10 (all caps) to get 10% off.

Giving Back

“We contribute a portion of our proceeds and time to Step Up – non-profit organization that provides mentorship for underprivileged high school girls across the country.”

To check out Skylar click here.

For more of my favourite vegan brands click here.

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Tips For Making Your Transition To Veganism Easier

Here are some tips to make your transition to veganism easier whether you’re doing Veganuary or thinking of a permanent lifestyle/diet change. Hope they help!

Image result for good luck gif

Wait a while before trying substitutes- Your taste buds get really used to the taste of non-vegan food if you have, like most people, been eating them your whole life. However, your taste buds slowly change over time and if you start introducing vegan substitutes slowly into your meals you’ll begin to enjoy them more. If you just randomly start using substitutes you’re more likely to not enjoy them because they won’t be the exact same as what you’re used to. Personally, I hated cheese substitutes when I first tried them but now after about a year I love them!

Image result for give it time gif

Try substitutes- I would suggest start add vegan substitutes to your food before you even go fully vegan. And don’t be afraid of substitutes. They’re a great way to eat what you love just that these will be plant based. I’m going to be honest and tell you that not all substitutes are great but keep looking and of course do your research. Don’t give up because you can’t find great substitutes instead read what other vegans have to say and what substitutes they love.

Image result for substitutes gif

Appreciate that vegan foods taste different- Like I said substitutes aren’t always great and even though some of them are really close to the non-plant based foods they are not always the exact same. I’ve noticed a lot of people like to compare vegan foods to non-vegan foods by making them look, smell and taste like non-vegan food (which is great if you’re into that!) but instead of always trying to eat substitutes I would recommend trying to enjoy vegan food for what it is. It tastes unique and wonderful and a vegan diet can open up your taste buds to a whole variety of new tastes and flavours so try to enjoy them for what they are.

Image result for appreciate gif

Do a lot of research- Before going fully vegan (and even after!) make sure to do a lot of research so you don’t end up lacking vitamins or negatively effecting your health. Veganism is not always easy and it takes a while to get it perfectly right.

Image result for research gif

Don’t give up- A lot of people give up on veganism after a while. Some think it’s too hard while some have health issues. My advice would be that instead of giving up try doing more research. If you’re lacking something do research on how to get that on a vegan diet and try that first. If you absolutely feel like it’s not working for you though don’t force yourself to keep eating vegan.

Image result for don't give up gif

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Can’t believe I’ve been included in this amazing list along with all these amazing vegan women! Thank you so much to Kiki who’s blog you need to check out if you haven’t already. Please do check out these phenomenal women especially if you’re interested in veganism/vegetarianism!

View the full post here: https://soyvirgo.com/vegans-of-color/

A Broken Bed, Vegan Ice Cream And A Photo Booth

I have had a very interesting day today to say the least… I thought I would share it with you guys since I wanted to start sharing more about what’s going on with me on this blog.

Related image

So I wake up in the morning and my bed literally falls apart. Like literally I sit up and boom it falls. It does do that sometimes because it’s kind of broken but I had just woken up and I was super shocked and decided I needed to do something to fix it.

Image result for bed breaking gif

So I spent like half the day tightening all the screws and duct taping everything together. It sounds not too difficult but it takes forever and is exhausting when you really do it.

Image result for duct tape gif

After I was done with that I was like you know what I deserve to have a fun afternoon and ended up going out with my sister. We passed this place called Rolly Polly Cow which used to be my favourite ice cream place before I went vegan. My sister and I were talking and I was like damn I wish they had vegan options I would so get some and just as I said it I read that they had just started a vegan menu! I was so super excited you have no idea how happy I was!

Image result for excited gif

Of course I had to try it and we ordered the one with the most chocolate because duh!

Doesn’t it look like the most delicious thing ever because it sure tasted like it!

Image result for delicious gif

Next we went to the photo booth and took some pictures which came out pretty cute but not as cute as I had hope… but that was because of my face 😂

Image result for selfie gif

It ended up being a better day then I expected to be honest and I’m glad we decided to go. I needed that!

Image result for i needed that gif

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Top Tips for Veganuary 2019

Good luck to everyone trying out veganuary I hope these tips help!

That Vegan Polerina

This new year is set to be the biggest for participation in Veganuary (a challenge to try the vegan lifestyle for the month of January). Living a vegan lifestyle has become and is becoming increasingly easier, with a wide range of products landing in shops around the world, but as with any lifestyle and diet change, it is not without its challenges.

As a “new” vegan (I transitioned late September 2018), I thought I’d share my favourite tips, tricks, and words of advice regarding the journey into veganism. Best of luck to everyone participating in Veganuary, or otherwise beginning their vegan transition in 2019!

  1. Educate yo’self!!!  There are a number of reasons why people participate in Veganuary/are interested in trying veganism, but three main reasons people stay vegan are 1) for the animals, 2) for the planet, and 3) for their own health (or any combination of these reasons). Whether you…

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Bye Bye 2018

So much has happened this year I thought I would talk about it in the last post of 2018. Firstly, I finally got to do a bunch of History courses at university which was amazing because last year was great and I got to do some fun random courses but I’m here for the history and I was so happy to do a majority of history courses this year!

Image result for finally gif

I also was able to travel more which was so fun and if you’ve been following me for a while now you know travelling has been one of my biggest goals.

Image result for travel gif

I tried so many new things which all gave me crazy anxiety but it was also super fun and exciting which is also something I really wanted to do in 2018 and was able to achieve!

Image result for scared gif

One of my biggest achievements was reaching 5000 followers and finally being able to learn how to balance university and blogging. I am so happy that so many of you chose to follow this blog and all of you guys are so sweet and interactive I love hearing your thoughts in the comments it always makes my day!

Image result for blogging gif

I also had a great year mentally and emotionally. I’ve always had trouble expressing myself but I think I’m finally getting better at it which is helping with my anxiety. I am also learning to deal with my anxiety better and learning how to do things even if they do make me anxious because my anxiety should not be the one in control.

Image result for emotions gif

I also ate a healthier plant based diet which was something I had been trying to do for a really long time.

Image result for vegan gif

What do I want from 2019? Well to keep doing all these things that are making me feel better and to do more things like these and to try and remove as much negativity from my life as possible. (I’ll be posting my 2019 resolutions soon so look out for that for more details on my goals for 2019!)

Image result for being positive gif

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How Many Of My Resolutions Did I Keep

So before this year started I posted a bunch of resolutions that I wanted to achieve this year which is not something I usually do because I’m not a big fan of the whole making resolutions thing but a bunch of other bloggers were doing it and it seemed fun so I thought I would give it a try. So I thought since the year is almost over which resolutions I kept and which ones didn’t work out as planned! To check out the resolutions post click here. 

Make more time for blogging 

This was the first resolution I had on the list and thankfully I have kept it… for the most part. I mean sure sometimes I get lazy or really busy and can’t post regularly but especially recently I feel as though my excitement and inspiration for blogging has really come back and I have been trying to blog at least 5 times a week which has been amazing! It has really helped increase traffic and followers and most importantly it has given me more enthusiasm to write more!

Image result for yes gif

Eat healthier

I started eating a plant-based and much healthier diet. I mean I’m not going to act like I did not eat any junk food because you know I did but I ate healthier junk food and a much healthier diet in general which is what I think counts! I love this resolution because it really made the biggest impact in my life and I genuinely feel better then ever thanks to the changes in my diet!

Image result for doing my best gif

Write at least one page a day

I tried you guys. I really did. But I’ve been super busy and I just have not had the time or energy to keep up with this one. But maybe next year!

Image result for doing my best gif

Include new topics on the blog like recipes

I did this one! Okay, I haven’t posted a recipe in a while but I have included a bunch of new topics on the blog and you guys seemed to enjoy them which is awesome!

Image result for done gif

Study in advance and don’t leave assignments for last minute

Yeah… this one just didn’t happen…

Image result for i messed up gif

Explore more

I did! I tried new stuff that was kind of scary (thanks social anxiety) and also made a bunch of new friends!

Image result for i did gif

Read more

I’m a history major so a large part of my studies is just reading so I didn’t have a lot of time to read other stuff but I did read a couple of books that I wanted to review which was so fun. Plus, I think it counts as reading even if it’s historical sources and stuff!

Image result for textbooks gif

Build a snowman (that one’s just for fun!)

This one hasn’t happened yet but there’s still time!

Image result for do you wanna build a snowman gif

Don’t give up on German!

Ich habe es versucht…

Image result for german gif

Learn something new everyday

Well I tried and I can honestly say I learnt so much this year. Maybe not every single day but significantly more then the last two decades of my life!

Image result for sure why not gif

Start a YouTube Channel over summer

Yeah that didn’t happen…

Image result for yeah not gif

Support more blogs

I will never stop doing this and yes I did end up visiting a bunch of new blogs and reading a bunch of awesome posts and sharing some amazing posts with you guys as well!

Image result for hell yeah gif

Get a job

I’m working on it.

Image result for i'm working on it gif

Be more communicative with my feelings instead of repressing everything

I did and it opened a gate and now I can’t stop… help me…

Image result for emotional gif

So do you guys think I should make resolutions for 2019?? Let me know in the comments below!

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