I’m Feeling Twenty-Two💃

So I am officially twenty-two years old! Wooooohooo I’m officially old and greying…

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I feel like twenty-one was one of my most successful years and I had so much fun with it. I tried so many new things and let go of a lot of things that were holding me back.

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I also learnt how important it is to say “thank you for your apology” instead of “it’s okay” when someone apologizes because when you say it’s okay it makes the person think that what they did is okay. I know this doesn’t work for all situations like if someone bumps into you please don’t say “thank you for your apology” but it really makes sense for some things and I think it’s important to know your value.

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I also took some time this year to really focus on myself and what I want and I’ve realised that it is important to be selfish sometimes and do what makes you happy. I have really tried to work towards my bigger goals.

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As for this blog and my social media pages I am happy to report that they have grown a lot and I was able to talk to so many amazing people and meet so many new people this year which in my opinion is the best part of blogging. I seriously so look forward to your comments!

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Thank you all for making 21 so much fun for me and let’s hope 22 is even better!

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Slightly More History Drama…

Firstly, if you’re new to my blog or haven’t been keeping up with my university posts please click here to catch up on what’s going on or you’ll have no idea what’s happening below!

So I was going over my results last week for my History Assignment 1 and what do I see in the comments section? My TA had written 5% off because I hadn’t handed in on time!

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Well if you’ve been following my History class drama you’ll know that I didn’t hand it in on time because the damn History Department were trying to figure out how to add me to the seminars group online so I can upload the assignment and since it was 100% their fault they hadn’t added me to begin with I was told by my professor that they wouldn’t take off any marks for uploading it a day late!

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So I immediately emailed my Professor who then told the TA marker to change it. He didn’t seem apologetic at all about the matter but my TA (who is super sweet and looks like nerdy Taylor Swift) wrote me an email immediately apologising since she didn’t know she I had been having trouble uploading the assignment which I thought was so sweet since she’s the only one who apologised (and very sweetly might I add!).

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I really hope this is the last thing that goes wrong for me concerning History or anything in general!

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