Six Word Story

Sometimes life is the only option.

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The Darkness

The darkness fills my mind

It chews me up

And spits me out

In this darkness

I can no longer see

I can no longer feel

I can no longer move

I can no longer breathe

I’m suffocating

In my own darkness

I can see the light

But I can never reach it

This abyss of darkness

Has claimed my life

It has claimed my soul

Why can’t anyone see my darkness?

Why won’t anyone help me walk to the light?

I can’t bare it anymore

I just want to let go

And let the darkness take over

I can’t fight anymore

I have lost the war


This poem is about depression and what it feels like to suffer from depression on a daily basis. It never really leaves you, it just hides and waits for the perfect time to attack.

“Depression is like a war. You either win or die trying”


She smiles as the wind caresses her hair

Her eyes shine as she looks up to the sky

She holds her teddy bear tightly in her hand

Her lips curl into a smile at the thought of life


She frowns at the thought of school

Her eyes fill with tears smudging her dark eyeliner

She pushes her dark dyed hair back

Her arms are filled with cuts


She’s been told she’s talentless again

Her songs are all she has

She dropped out of school years ago

Her music is her only hope


She lies on the ground ready to give up

Her phone rings on the couch

She picks it up thinking this is the last call she will ever receive

We want to sign you to our label

She is told by a distant voice


She performs for thousands of fans every night

Her eyes have got their shine back

She walks into her bedroom after kissing her kids goodnight

Her husband smiles and takes her into his arms

She’s finally truly content as she drifts off to sleep


When I was writing this poem, more than anything, I just wanted to show how quickly and drastically life can change sometimes. Also, sometimes it’s easier to give up on your dreams but the truth is dreams can come true even when you least expect it so you would rather just work really hard and achieve your dreams because that’s what’s important and that is what will give you real happiness. At the end of the day you should always do what you love and believe in yourself even when no one else does.

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