Top Travel Tips For Introverts

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Bonded By Adventure

Hey travel lovers and welcome back to a whole new year of blogging! We have some great posts for you in 2019, but for now we are going to be sharing with you some of our favourite travel tips for introverts in celebration of World Introvert Day.

  1. Always travel with headphones, a book and maybe even a sleep mask – If you are too nervous to talk to people then this is one of the easiest ways to avoid conversation without appearing to be really rude.
  2. Try a retreat – There are plenty of different options for retreats available, whether it’s writing, spa, yoga, or something else. Retreats tend to offer a calm and quiet space in pristine natural settings. You will probably end up surrounded by like minded people who like to keep to themselves.
  3. Order room service – This can be a nice break if you have not…

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14 Valentine’s Day Cards For Introverts

These are so perfect!

Quietly Ambitious

1. For that special person that you don’t mind sitting in a room with and not talking


2. Because watching Netflix is the only time you’ll hear an introvert say ‘the more the better’


3. There’s no fun playing scrabble on your own


4. For the nerdier more intellectual introvert


5. Most people suck, but you suck the least…I guess


6. For the quietest couple in town


7. For the socially awkward introvert couple


8. Because hopefully by now your other half has accepted your quietness


9. Because let’s face, there’s no introvert quite like your other half


10. For the Harry Potter lovers


11. For those that have already grown old together


12. For the book loving introvert


13.  For those that don’t necessarily like to ‘introvert’ alone


14. INFJ love


Which card would you like to receive? Comment below

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How To Push Your Way Out Of The Comfort Zone (Guest Post)

At that moment, when you realize that everything turned out and life was a success, it turns out that the diligent comfort zone so diligently conceals an immense danger.

There is such an old and very right saying: “Fish looks for is deeper water, man for better places to live.” And this is absolutely correct and natural. Each person strives to make his life as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. . It would be complete idiocy to abandon these benefits of civilization.

It would seem, well, what is wrong with a quiet, comfortable existence? You feel relaxed, there are no risks in your life, you are satisfied with how things are going, and you do not feel any need to change anything. Maybe you do not feel incredibly happy, or 100% satisfied, but at least you feel comfortable, right?


Almost always your comfort zone is the fruit of self-deception. You tell yourself that the best alternative to your current position does not exist, that you have spent too much effort to build it, that it is already too difficult to change anything in life. You stop at one place, although quite a convenient location, and with your own hands nullify all the great prospects of your life. The comfort zone turns you to the end point of your journey. Why is this happening?

You become soft.
What happens to a person who takes a bath of warm water for a while? He relaxes, limp. And if such a stay stretch for quite a long time? That is right, and it is degrading. His muscles lose their tone and very soon he will not be able not only to run but even just to stand still.

But this concerns not only the body. The same thing happens with our brain. The lack of the need to solve complex problems makes it to where liquefaction in the head and loss of clarity of thinking, ability to learn and make decisions.

You become a vegetable that moves along the same trajectory every day and performs the same tasks every day.

In the meantime, remember which period of your life was the most fruitful and creative for you? I am sure that these were not the most pleasant and comfortable times. Some will remember sleepless student nights, other life-threatening journeys and situations, and still others — crisis periods in their lives when everything had to start all over again.

You give up on life goals.
Everyone, well, almost everyone, a person has somewhere deep in the sub cortex that most cherished goal of his life. Yes, something from the series “to see Paris and die.” The most exciting thing is that very often these goals are not so expensive and unattainable. But something always bothers us.

We postpone our goal further and further, and as the comfort zone grows around you, it becomes practically unattainable. It is so difficult to get out of a warm bath even for a while and go out into the street.

You may never know yourself
There is an opinion, and it has been justified entirely, that only in difficulties the real face of a person is revealed. You can live your whole life in greenhouse conditions and never know what you really can do. Can you really be bold and inventive? Do you be able to show patience and perseverance, or does it just seem to you?

It is time to get out of your comfort zone and understand, if only for yourself, what kind of person you are and where lies the limit of your possibilities. I assure you that the result will surely surprise you.

Sooner or later, the comfort zone for any person turns into that factor which slows down its development and deprives life of sharpness of sensations. Remember the most exciting moments of your life. Surely most of them are connected precisely with those moments when you were doing something unusual, extreme, going beyond the usual routine, leaving your comfort zone.

So why not do it again?

About the author
It has always been difficult for Melisa Marzett to leave her shell, but she works on it day by day. She is into psychology ever since she was at school. Currently working for as a freelance writer, she has an opportunity to travel all over the world she enjoys doing despite being an introvert. She stands for increasing opportunities, expanding the horizons and an animal rights activist.

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5 Memes All Introverts Will Relate To

Image result for introvert memes

Image result for introvert memes

Image result for introvert memes

Image result for introvert memes

Image result for introvert memes

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5 Memes Writers Will Relate To

Image result for memes about writing

Image result for memes about writing

Image result for memes about writing

Image result for memes about writing

Image result for memes about writing

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Six Things You Should Never Say To A Blogger

Life with Spina Bifida

Things you should never say to a blogger (4)

When most people visit a blog unless they are bloggers themselves they will never truly understand the amount of work it takes to build a successful blog. For that reason, bloggers work often times are underappreciated because most people think we whip blog posts up in five minutes. It is our job to make blogging look easy and although it may look like we whipped these posts up in five minutes I assure you we did not and it probably took way longer than it appears. Saying comments like blogging is not that hard can come off as rude or insensitive and can really hurt someone’s feelings. Want to show a blogger you appreciate what they do? It is really simple avoid saying these things and you are on the right path to showing your favorite blogger your appreciation without even trying.

You’ll never make money– A very small…

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3 Quick Ways For Introverts To Increase Their Income

Quietly Ambitious

So, you’re an introvert who’s in need of extra income. The only problem is that you already work in an energy draining role and you can’t imagine taking on anymore work. The thought of doing sales calls in your own time seems like a nightmare! After a long day of fake smiling and endless meetings you would much rather just curl up in a ball with your favourite book.

However, there are some quick ways introverts can increase their income with little energy! And these ways are quite simple!

But first, why should you even bother with getting extra income

Seven streams of income

Apparently, we should all have additional streams of income. Seven to be exact (correct me if I’m wrong!). We shouldn’t rely on one stream of income. For example, if you’re employed, you shouldn’t just rely on your monthly pay cheque. It’s a risk many of us…

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14 Amazing T-shirts For Introverted Women

These are so perfect for summer!

Quietly Ambitious

Last time I shared with you cute introvert themed enamel pins that every introvert needed! Now I bring to you, 14 amazing t-shirts for introverted women!

However, it’s even better this time because there are DISCOUNTS!

Yes that’s right! I’ve been doing a bit of background work and managed to get you guys some discounts! How exciting!

So as always if you see something you like, go ahead and click the image and it’ll take you straight to the item!

Don’t forget your discount code at checkout!

Thank me later!!

(Fellas! Let me know if you want a male version of this! I’ve seen some great t-shirts and maybe I could work my wonders and get discounts for you too! Let me know in the comments!)

Shop Luella 


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Fancy Tee Boutique

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Bold Introvert; Let’s Hear From Pooja

I had the amazing opportunity to work with an amazing site for introverts called Quietly Ambitious (I know, awesome name!) and I was able to answer a few questions about my life and what being an introvert is like for the Bold Introvert Series!

Quietly Ambitious

Name Pooja

Random question: You’re a new addition to the crayon box. What color would you be and why? I would probably be blue because it’s my favourite colour right now and it just makes me always feel super calm and light because it reminds me of a sea/ocean. I think the colour changes depending on how I’m feeling at the moment and I guess blue goes with what I’m feeling at the moment.

Are you a bold introvert? Have you always been one? I don’t know if I’m still at 100% with being a bold introvert but I’m definitely working to get there! I remember when I was younger and just talking to someone was a mission for me but now I’m a lot more social and find it easier to make friends. As a student I used to find it really difficult to speak in class but it’s gotten easier for…

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How To Appreciate The Introverts In Your Life

Don’t force them to do stuff- most introverts can only do so much going out/socialising before they need to recharge again so don’t force them to do stuff. If they tell you they can’t or don’t want to they really mean it so don’t guilt them about not hanging out with you!

Image result for introvert gif

Listen- most introverts don’t talk to people a lot unless they know you pretty well- then they never shut up! When introverts try to talk to you, you should really listen because you probably mean a lot to them and what they’re telling you is probably much more then just small talk.

Image result for listen gif

Don’t guilt them- introverts tend to be very sensitive and if you guilt them about stuff it’s going to really mess with them. It’s wrong to guilt anyone into doing stuff but introverts tend to take it harder then others do.

Image result for emotional gif

Be there for them- sometimes introverts have a hard time expressing their feelings so even if they don’t talk to you about it but seem kind of down or something you should try to be there for them. Introverts try to act like they’re okay but a lot of the time we’re just screaming in our heads.

Image result for friendship gif

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