Plastic Water Bottles And Their Effects On Your Health (Guest Post)

This is Dr,. Ramya. I am Doctor by profession and a health blogger by passion  , i am an ENT , Head and neck surgeon from the prestigious JIPMER, pondicherry , INDIA.

I had this huge passion to write things regarding the health and there by keeping every thing on paper and i have written articles in various journals regarding human papiloma virus in cancer patients and snoring articles in various health related platforms. I started this website to get people know about the recent advances and latest medical field discoveries that many are not aware of  and things that are going around us that can make mans life easy in regarding to mental and physical health.Hoping that the things i am writing ,are helpful for few i am sharing my views.
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The common material we use in day to day life is none other than the plastic.

We use it for various purposes and one among the major uses is by food industries and this plastic comes in various forms like the mineral water bottles and water cans for drinking purpose with a label on it 100% pure.

But this is not always correct. !!

A new research by Orb Media, a journalism organisation in Washington, D.C., shown that a single bottle can hold dozens or possibly even thousands of microscopic plastic particles.

Do you believe that the water cans we are using are not containing just water but also plastic!!

The researchers had done their experiments on more than 250 mineral water bottles from 11 different well known brands and revealed contamination with plastic material that  includes polypropylene, nylon, and polyethylene terephthalate (PET). After a through examination they have revealed the size of the plastic particles to be 100 micron, and global average of 10.4 plastic particles per liter.  When compared to even smaller plastic particles they have shown to be 314.6 per liter.

Guess how much plastic we are consuming in day to day life!

These chemicals which when consumed have devastating effects on body. Though about 90 % of the plastic is excreted out but the smaller plastic particle less than 150 microns can go into our blood and the lymphatic system and organs like kidneys and liver and get stored in them.

What can plastic do to your body?

There are many researchers done in this field and many have proved the disastrous effects of the plastic.

Keeps your heart at risk:

The plastic contains a chemical named bisphenol A, or BPA, which is widely found in plastic bottles, plastic packaging and the linings of food and beverage cans. A study was done in Korea , where the people who consumed soya milk in the BPA lined plastic containers have showed dramatic increase in the blood pressure when compared to times they have not taken the containers lined by BPA and their urinary concentration of BPA has raised to about 16 fold times.

For every 20 mm Hg there is twice increase in the cardiovascular diseases like heart attack and stokes. This research has shown that drinking in plastic bottles can potentially raise your blood pressure and heart diseases.

Can cause cancer:

There are various chemicals in the plastic water bottles that can mimic the estrogen(Hormone) in our body thereby replacing the function of the naturally produced estrogen in our body and putting our body into risk of developing various cancer like the breast cancer, ovarian cancer,colon, prostate cancers and even PCOD and various other problems like low sperm count in men and female unable to conceive.

Can cause autism in children:

A recent research has proved the relationship between the autism(conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication. ) and the chemicals in the plastic and the culprit is again the chemical BPA, so it is advised for the pregnant ladies not to consume the water that is stored in the plastic bottles.


The normal mineral water bottle that we use is far beyond just water in it. It is mixture of various chemicals which are derived from the plastic that is present in the plastic containers. The plastic can cause devastating health issues like the heart diseases, infertility, cancers, autism etc. These are all sold to us in the name of 100 percent pure mineral water in plastic containers.

This can be prevented by immediately transferring the water from the plastic containers to the aluminium or copper or stainless steel containers before drinking at least for few hours. It is always said that “Prevention is better than cure” so reducing the usage of plastic containers can help in reducing the health hazards.

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Momiji Manjū, A Lovely Japanese Gift (Guest Post)

By Derrick Theys

This little Japanese cake is called a momiji manjū. It is made of buckwheat and rice, and comes with a variety of fillings, like red bean, custard, or chocolate.

We bought a pack of momiji manjū on the island of Miyajima, in the bay of Hiroshima, where it is a speciality and a popular souvenir. They’re soft, spongy and delicious.

Many of the cake shops have the machine that makes them right there in the window. A batter is poured into a hot maple-leaf shaped mold, a blob of filling is squeezed into the middle, and the mechanical arm folds the mold over to close it up. The momiji manjū cooks until golden brown, and then A conveyor belt rolls it out, and seals it up in a little package. Wonderful!

We bought the pack as a gift, for a host family we were meeting the next day, to say thank you for hosting us. The box was wrapped up in a little furoshiki wrapping cloth, wrapped and tied, as is often customary for gifts.

We arrived in Beppu, a hot spring city in Japan’s southern island. We handed our host family the gift, and it quickly joined glasses of sake, beers, and chocolates on the table for everyone to enjoy!

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What A National Tragedy Can Teach Us About The Power Of Choice (Guest Post)

By Tiffany Wright

Last April marked the 20th anniversary for the Columbine High School massacre in Colorado. I know,
I’m a bit late when I mention Columbine. However, after feeding my morbid curiosity by researching
the lives behind the two school shooters – and their motives – I came to believe we can all learn a lesson
about the power of choice.

One of the shooters, Eric Harris, started a journal one year before the massacre. I found some
excerpts here from Eric’s now-defunct blog where he rants about everything that irks him. If I didn’t
know who wrote them, I would’ve passed it for the absurd tirades of a typical hormonal teenager.

His accomplice Dylan Klebold was a more interesting case study. Dylan was less focused on hatred
and more focused on personal problems like depression and suicidal tendencies. It was depression that
fueled much of his homicidal intent.

Both Harris and Klebold had been formulating their plans for a full year.

Both recorded themselves talking about how much they hated the world and wanted to destroy it.

Both of their plans originally involved detonating hand-made bombs in the school cafeteria. The
bombs would’ve wiped out over 600 people. The two boys would’ve then gunned down fleeing
survivors. By the time the reporters and police crew would arrive, the remaining bombs from the boys’
van would wipe them out. Slate sums up their motive perfectly: “they were gunning for devastating
infamy on the historical scale of an Attila the Hun.” 2 As it was, the bombs were too shoddily built to
work, so instead they stormed the school building and shot 13 people before taking their own lives.

Can you imagine harboring so much hatred that you want to destroy hundreds of people?

Yet, a contempt for our imperfect world is what perpetrates such motives and deepens the cycle of
injustice. Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist and author of “12 Rules for Life,” says in his book,
“People who think such things…appoint themselves supreme adjudicators of reality and find it wanting.
They are the ultimate critics”. 3 Harris and Klebold justified their negative feelings by taking revenge on a
cruel world. Both chose to act on their anger. This should remind us that we, too, have a choice on
whether we act on our negative feelings or not.

Here is one example where I struggled in choosing to let go of my anger. I was once debating a
certain hot-button topic with one particularly confrontational friend, I was on the receiving end of
mockery, shame and rudeness because of my opinions. It hurt, and I wanted to bite back.

Another example is my experience with social media. I witnessed a mob mentality against a position
that I strongly believed in. I saw so many cruel comments like,

“I hope your children die.”

“I hope you die.”

“People who believe X are f-ing retarded.”

Again, it hurt, and I wanted to bite back. And, as a sort of unhealthy defense-mechanism, I started to
think in the exact same hateful manner. The very same words that the mob spewed circulated in my

“I hope they die.”

“I hope they never have children.”

“People who believe Y are f-ing retarded.”

“I hate them.”

“I hate them.”


Then I realized that my thought process mimicked the “I hate everything” rant in Eric Harris’s journal,
and I immediately took a step back. I didn’t want to be embroiled in hatred. It was a miserable place. It’s
just that the urge to “bite” back was so overwhelming that I didn’t know what to do with those feelings.
So I considered: 13 innocent victims died because two angry people lashed out. Am I any better than
them if I lash out at those whom I believe wronged me?

In the end, I cut my confrontational friend out of my life, and I haven’t looked back. I cut most social
media out of my life too, and now whenever I’m bored, instead of getting fired up over a smug Reddit
post, I watch wholesome Japanese dramas to brighten my day.

Let the proles spew their hatred. I choose not to fall into the same emotional traps as they did. I
choose to raise myself higher than the haters, for the sake of my emotional health and betterment.

We can choose not to fall into a similar line of thinking as Harris and Klebold. Choose something
better. Choose to move on from hate. Think about Harris and Klebold next time you want to say or think something hurtful about someone. Think about them before you press that “reply” button on a heated
social media thread. You never know whether a simple act of hate can spiral into something you will
regret doing.

I understand. We’re primed to have emotional reactions when the world treats us unfairly or when
someone insults us. I understand, and it can be a struggle not to “bite” back. This is why, before I part, I
will leave a powerful quote for you to reflect on:

“You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said to you. True
power is sitting back and observing everything with logic. If words control you that means that everyone
else can control you. Breathe and allow things to pass.” ~ Bruce Lee

Here are some more inspirational quotes that I have composed:

“It’s not your successes that defined you, but the bravery to pick yourself up and try one more time.”

“You haven’t failed enough until you actually succeeded.”

“Life wasn’t made to overcome you. You were made to overcome life.”

Works cited:

1. CNN, Cable News Network,
2. Cullen, Dave, and Dave Cullen. “At Last We Know Why the Columbine Killers Did It.” Slate
Magazine, Slate, 20 Apr. 2004,

3. Peterson, Jordan B. 12 Rules for Life. Penguin Books Ltd., 2019.

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Unique Ways to Clear Your Mind (Guest Post)

When you’re dealing with depression, anxiety, or you just need a new filter on life, there are many ways to clear your mind and allow you to get a better sense of mental health. In this post, we will look at a few ways you can clear your mind that are unique.

But First

If you are suffering from depression, anxiety, need life advice, or need relationship help, there is no shame in speaking to a counselor or a therapist for help. Online counseling and therapy has made it easier than ever. Sites such as help to lead the charge, and you can be a part of the online counseling revolution by trying it out.

Write Your Feelings Down

When you have a stressed mind, why not write everything down? Thanks to phones, you can write down your feelings anywhere. You can be direct, or try to be creative with expressing yourself by putting it in a story or another unique manner. If you can’t sleep, writing everything down is a great way for you to unwind and go back to sleep. Try blogging out as well.

Try a New Look

Sometimes, by changing your look around, you can refresh yourself. A new look can mean a new hairstyle, a new wardrobe, or anything that keeps you looking fresh. While it won’t clear all of your problems, you can treat it like a fresh start.

Try Mindful Behaviors

Mindfulness is something that you should try if you want to clear your mind. Being mindful means that you are aware of the present and the world around you, learning how to discard self-defeating thoughts and feelings. You can achieve mindfulness through methods like body scans, meditative breathing, or take mindfulness courses to make it easier.

White Noise

Listening to a bunch of white noise is a great way to clear your mind. For those who don’t know where to go to look for white noise, YouTube videos that play ocean, rain, or ambient music are a good start. Or you can look to apps that can make noise. White noise is great for focusing and for sleeping if you feel like your mind is too preoccupied.

Go on a Long Run

A run is good for the mind. It helps release feel-good chemicals to keep you happy and helps to relieve pain. In addition, it’s great for focusing. Going on a long, productive run may be the answer you’re looking for. If you’re not physically fit, a nice little walk in nature may be able to suffice.

New Surroundings

Going on a little vacation can help clear your mind. A new surrounding can help keep your mind preoccupied and put your troubles on the back-burner for a little while. Your vacation doesn’t have to be super expensive, either; you can go to a park or another new place you haven’t been to if you want to get the new surroundings experience without paying too much.

Spend Extra Time With Your Kids

If you have children, spend time with them and focus on their well-being. While you should be out for yourself as well, taking some time for your kids is a good move. You can get some new ideas for activities, too, by looking at some websites. For more information on the topic, it might be helpful to review sites like FamilyHype or


Clearing your mind is a challenge. Life can be a hassle, we know, but by taking some time to defragment, you can handle your problems in a way that is healthy and productive for everyone. Try it out and see what we mean.

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What I’m Learning… (Guest Post)

So this post is a part of the collaboration I did and it would be awesome if you check out the post I did for Linda’s blog by clicking here.

The blog I started in December of last year was about Social Media Marketing.  At that time I didn’t know what a huge subject that would turn out to be.  There are so many platforms for Social Media.  I had never know that most of them existed.  As a result my focus had to be narrowed down. So, I thought it was best to stick with the main ones I used and understood.  And I added Instagram.

Well, as many of you know,  That can even be a big undertaking.  And in the middle of this, I started another business.  My first business was why I started wanting to learn about e-commerce.

This has all helped to narrow down the information so I could decide on the most important things.  My second blog was about my first business.  But my heart wasn’t into it as much as I hoped.  And that was a surprise.

My current blog is about my Shopify business and the things I’m learning about e-commerce.  Here is the link .

Thank you “lifesfinewine” for allowing me to share this post with your wonderful readers and I look forward to what you will share.

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#22 Bloom | May, Myself and I (Guest Post)

Stop for a moment and picture a bunch of snowdrops. Their thin, pale green stalks. Their perfect, clean white petals. Their tiny, modest size. They’re delicate little things and yet we can learn a lot from them. See, snowdrops are one of the first flowers to bloom in spring. They grow in rocky, nutrient-lacking soil, often in the shadows, starved from the sun’s warmth and light. Because they bloom so early, they have to fight through frost and ice before they even reach the surface of the soil. And yet, even after all this, they bloom. They fight their way through the obstacles and grow to be beautiful and unique. Sure, they’re petals can be marked or their stalks can be bent but that somehow doesn’t matter.
We, too, can be like snowdrops. Sometimes we have to come through really difficult stuff and it can, at times,  look like we’re not going to make it.

I know I’ve definitely been in this place. Since I was pretty young, I’ve struggled with my mental health and over the years I’ve gone through endless panic attacks and depressive episodes. It’s hard. It’s really hard. But I am seeing the first delicate green shoots arising from the ground and I know that I’m growing. I know that I can’t give up. And neither can you.

So if you’re in rocky soil, if you’re in the shadows looking at a field of perfect roses in the sun, DO NOT GIVE UP. Because you never know one day you might just bloom.

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Quote (Guest Post)

“Emotions don’t end up easy, because we persistently feed them with memories and thoughts.”

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Six Word Story (Guest Post)

I don’t give a damn.


Another guest post from my dad! Hope you guys enjoy it!

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Overcoming Fear One Gear At A Time (Guest Post)

I was huffing and puffing on the stair master at the local gym when I got the call. I had been looking for a new vehicle. I needed something cheap and reliable. Good luck finding something like that right? But my prayers were answered. My next door neighbor called me and said another neighbor was selling his 1999 Mazda B2500 green truck. It had like 17,000 miles on it. WHAT!

I got off the stair master as we spoke. I was excited and scared all at once. Why? Because I didn’t know how to drive a stick shift. The green truck was a stick. GRIEF! The price was too much for me to pass up: $1,500. You can’t beat that. So I said “YES.” A had no idea what I was getting myself into.

A few days later I had the title and the truck was sitting outside of my house. I didn’t drive it there, my neighbor did. I think the truck sat there for a few days. I didn’t know how to drive it. I had some decisions I needed to make. For some reason, I had always been afraid to drive a stick shift. I never had any bad experiences previously. Growing up, we never owned a stick. From where did these fears arise? To this day I still don’t know. But I learned somehow someway I would need to overcome them. There was no way I was going to let that truck simply sit out there. Besides, we needed another vehicle. So, I needed help. I asked one of my colleagues at the time if he would help learn how to drive it. He said he would.

When the time came for me to begin learning how to drive the truck, I had so many fears.

  1. Would I stall quite a bit?
  2. What about stalling in a big intersection?
  3. What if I had to stop on a hilly street? Would I roll back not knowing what to do?
  4. Would people laugh at my driving skills (or lack of skills)?
  5. Would I hurt myself or someone else in this truck?

Some people say, “Don’t worry about your fears because most of them won’t happen.” WRONG. All of them came true except for #5. WHEW! Yep, that’s right. Most of my fears became a reality. We began my truck training in a high school parking lot. It was brutal. My friend got a big kick out of me jerking back and forth. His wife had a few laughs as well after I had to drop him off and try to back out of their driveway.

The first month was pretty scary for me and maybe for other drivers as well. But then something amazing happened. I began to get comfortable. I began to get a little more confident. The fear was slowly going into the background. It was still there, but just not as strong. At times it would creep back up in certain situations. I had to work with it and control it. As I drove the truck more I wondered why I had so many fears. Why did I refuse to even consider getting a stick shift? Why had I limited myself so much? HHHMMMM. Indeed, it is a great mystery.

Fast forward a few months after I got the truck. It’s fall and I’m headed to Mexico to learn Spanish. That was another great fear of mine that I decided to try and conquer. I went in the green truck. It was going to be about a 12-hour drive. Would the truck get there in one piece? Would I get stranded? More FEAR. But this time none of my fears were realized. I certainly did panic when I saw the battery level gauge say low. I had the battery checked while on the road and it was fine. That gauge stayed in the same place for the entire time I owned the truck. I made it to Mexico (Presidio Texas to be exact which is three miles from the border). I had been studying hard trying to learn Spanish. I was scheduled to preach a sermon there in Spanish. More FEAR.

I studied and practiced and studied and practiced for a few months. On a Sunday I was given a chance to preach two lessons in Spanish. Needless to say, it was BRUTAL. But the brethren were really kind. When my time there was over, I got back on the road. Less FEAR on the way home. I had a lot more confidence. The truck survived and so did I. Looking back in 2016, I had no idea I would have a green truck and preach two sermons in Spanish. I’m glad I did.

I have learned some things from the Green Truck that I would like to share with you. Maybe they will help you. If they do great. Please let me know.

I learned a lot about overcoming fear one gear at a time. I have broken this experience into seven different thoughts. At the conclusion of this, you may want to get a sheet of paper and write out the fears you have. Identify what step or gear you may be at this moment.

  1. OWN IT.I literally owned the green truck. It was mine. There was no escaping it. I couldn’t return it. This is something we must do when it comes to the things we fear. We need to face them head-on. Own the fear. If you’re afraid of public speaking, own it and sign up for a public speaking class like Toastmasters.
  2. START IT.  I had to take those initial steps with the truck. That meant that I had to open the driver’s door, sit down, and start that bad boy up. That was a big deal with the fear I had. But I embraced it and you will have to do the same with whatever the fear you may have. Take the first step so you can begin to conquer the fear.
  3. GEAR 1:  This was where I had a lot of stress, pressure, and fear. I had to somehow have the right touch with the pedals so I could get things going. This is where I stumbled probably the most. There was a lot of hesitation on my part. There was a lot of doubt. What if I didn’t get it right? Most of the time I didn’t get it right. I stalled. Others saw my failure. But it was another necessary step. Whatever it is that may be holding you back, gear 1 will probably be the most challenging. But you will not get to any other gears without this one. Maybe you can skip this part of the process, but long term it will not be good. You will be frustrated as you seek to do and conquer new challenges. You will want to quit. But you can’t. Here’s why.
  4. GEAR 2: It took me a while to get to this gear but when I did I began to feel much better. I started to really move and get some momentum. When you get to this gear (in your public speaking, starting a company, writing a book, etc.) it will be a great feeling. And it will continue to get better.
  5. GEAR 3: I was so excited when I punched it into third gear. I was the big dog on the road. Okay, okay, that sounds a little cheesy, but I don’t care. It was a big accomplishment for me. It will be a big accomplishment for you as well. If your fear is something like public speaking and you decide to sign up to Toastmasters, then sign up for that first talk, write the talk, and then get up to present, rest assured you will feel great. Now you will have to keep going. That’s what I did.
  6. GEAR 4-5: Now I was in beast mode. There was nothing that was going to stop me. I could now drive on the highway and keep up with everyone else. I was on the freeway to SUCCESS. As you overcome your fears one gear at a time you will eventually hit the freeway of SUCCESS. Maybe it’s public speaking or preparing for 1/2 marathon. You will eventually reach a point where everything feels smooth sailing. Most of the time it will be. Until it’s NOT. You see, the green truck taught me something.
  7. YOU WILL HAVE TO GO BACK TO GEAR 1:  I couldn’t always stay in gear 4 or 5. Eventually, there was going to be a stoplight, a stop sign, or some slow driver in front of me. Now I had to go back to gear 3, 2, and then 1. And then I had to start all over again. NOOOOOO! LOL. YEP. That’s right. The green truck constantly humbled me. I had to keep proving myself. And so will you. It’s good to be able to give a public presentation. But can you do it again and again? I know you can. But it will require you beginning again and again. It will require you confronting any fear that may still remain. In life, we will have to continue to conquer and show up. We will constantly go from Gear 1 to Gear 5 and back and forth. That’s good. It will keep us humble. It will force us to stay hungry.

I’m so glad I bought the green truck. It was a great blessing. Who knew one could learn so much from a truck. I’ve learned a lot. What fears are holding you back? What fears are really not your own, but someone else’s? Let them go and begin to SOAR.

Let’s GO.


Let me know of your great success.

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Six Word Story

A million thoughts per second- insomnia.


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