Dream Journal!

So today in Psychology we were learning about sleep and dreams and talked about different dreams and how they can be interpreted and it remind me of High School because my friends and I used to discuss the dreams we had that night and we would try to analyse them. It was really a lot of fun!

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Coincidentally, just last week I had a really insightful dream that helped clear some things in my waking life and I remember thinking “sometimes I learn more in my dreams than when I’m awake”. Dreams have always fascinated me because I truly believe they have an important meaning behind them and listening to your dreams helps you bring your unconscious thoughts into your conscious which is sometimes what we really need in life. Dreams have a way of telling you things about yourself.


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I would really love to explore my unconscious more and that’s why I decided to get a dream journal! I don’t remember my dreams as often as I would like to but my professor said the more we try to remember them the more likely we are to actually remember them.

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I’ll keep you guys updated on any particularly interesting (or weird) dreams I have!

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The Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated for this award by Jeyran Main and Shruti! I got nominated for this award by both of them!! Jeyran is an awesome writer and has amazing book reviews so please check out her blog!! Shruti is an Indian girl living and exploring Germany so if like me your obsessed with Germany or trying to get a hang of German please do check out her blog!

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Seven Facts About Me: 

  •  I like art
  •  I love nature and animals
  •  I really like salty and spicy foods but I am not of a fan of sweet food
  •  Pride And Prejudice is my favorite book
  •  I really love everything to do with makeup
  •  I love psychology and tend to lean towards the Freudian approach
  •  My favorite Star Wars character is Han Solo

My Nominees Are:



Jirah Merizz





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5 Most Common Dreams

Ever woken up in cold sweat or maybe with a smile on your face all because of a dream? We all have those weird random dreams that have us waking up not knowing what the hell just happened. The following are 5 most common dreams people have and their meaning.


Falling dreams are found to be the most common dreams experienced by people. Most people have this dream at least 5 times in their life. This dream is usually a red flag from our subconscious suggesting that you have lost control over something in your life or that something in your life is not going as planned. This dream is also a sign showing that you are stressed. If you have this dream you should probably try to figure out what you feel out of control about or what you are stressed out about and try to fix it.

Teeth Falling Out

No this dream doesn’t mean it’s time for you to go see a dentist. This dream could mean that you feel like you are losing something or have lost something precious in life. Another interpretation of this dream could be that you may have consciously or unconsciously said something that you shouldn’t have. This dream could be a sign that you regret saying something.

Being Chased

This is another very common dream. In these dreams you are probably being chased by an animal, an attacker, a monster or an unknown figure. It can stem from feelings of anxiety or stress in your waking life. This dream could also suggest that you feel guilty about a certain situation in your waking life and so are trying to avoid the situation by running away from it. This dream could also mean you are trying to avoid something such as responsibility or obligation.


Dreaming that you are flying could mean that you feel liberated from something that was weighing you down. It could also show how much control you have over your life depending upon how effectively or poorly you are flying. Most people who dream about flying tend to be strong-minded and ambitious.


Death is often perceived negatively in the dream world. Symbolically it represents the end of something in order to start something new. If you dream that you are dead or dying it is often parallel to some drastic change going on in your life and could mean that you are moving on to new beginnings and leaving the past behind. If you dream that someone else is dead suggests that the person who is dead or dying possesses a certain quality that you wish you had. Alternatively, this dream could indicate that whatever that person represents no longer has a part in your life anymore.

However, at the end of the day different dream symbols and events have different meanings to different individuals without reference to any universal meaning. Dreams are often related to the dreamers own psyche and personal history.

Do you have a recurring dream? Do you think the dreams mean something different? Don’t forget to comment and share.