My 5 Favourite Halloween Makeup Looks

These are so amazing wanted to share them with you guys! I always admire people who can be so creative with makeup especially when it comes to Halloween makeup. Hope you guys like them as much as me and maybe find something to go as for Halloween!

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ELF BB Cream With SPF 20 Review

I have started using this product for a few weeks now and I decided to do a little review about it because I was so freaking impressed! Now if you’ve read any of my other makeup posts you’ll know I love ELF and it’s my favourite vegan and cruelty free beauty brand right now. It was so affordable, honestly, when I first bought an e.l.f product I was like that’s suspicious like do they not have good quality products but they do!

Image result for suspicious gif

Anyway, back to the BB cream, I was again a little skeptical because I’m not a big fan of BB creams or foundation because I have pretty dry skin and a lot of foundations and BB creams I tried prior to this ended up making my skin look even dryer and sometimes flaky.

Image result for moisturise me gif

I bought the product a while back but I didn’t actually try it till I got back to Kenya and I was left speechless (which is shocking for me I talk about everything including the taste of water). To begin with it was so creamy and beautiful it made my skin look not only hydrated but radiant and my face seemed to glow! I have NEVER used a foundation or BB cream that made me look like that and I was always trying to look for products to make me look like that.

Image result for wow gif

Secondly, the product had an amazing coverage for a BB cream- usually I have do like 2 layers with BB cream to get that much coverage but this had the coverage of a foundation! Although I do have to point out that I don’t have any acne or scars or noticeable marks on my face I just have some discolouration so I don’t need that much coverage- if you do have any of the above use a concealer as well as the BB cream because even though it does have great coverage it’s not a concealer. But anyway, it did cover up my skin really well.

Image result for coverage gif funny

Thirdly, it was so lightweight and natural looking that you can totally wear it on a daily basis and no one would even realise you’re wearing any makeup! It blends really well and looks so natural you just look like you have a nice natural glow.

Image result for wow gif

Lastly, it costs $6.00 and weighs 285ml which is super affordable even for a drugstore brand! It’s also packaged really well so you can easily travel with it or carry it around with you in case you want to retouch your makeup although honestly, I wear it all day sometimes and it doesn’t move an inch.

Image result for yas gif

FINAL THOUGHTS: To sum it up I was super impressed with this product! It’s really affordable, has an amazing formula, works for both dry and oily skin plus as an extra added bonus it’s both vegan and cruelty free!

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My 7 Favourite Drugstore Beauty Products

E.l.F BB Cream- This is probably the best BB Cream I’ve ever used. It’s super easy to use and has amazing coverage too. Plus, my skin is on the dryer side and this is perfect for that kind of skin because it’s super moisturizing and doesn’t look flaky!

Image result for elf bb cream

E.L.F Lip Balms- When I bought these honestly they were on sale and I was like it’s a good price might as well try them out. But over time these have become one of my favourite E.L.F products ever. Like I honestly sometimes just wear the pink lipbalm before I go out along with the BB Cream and it’s perfect for a natural look. All the lip balms are super hydrating and smell really nice although they do not last more than an hour or so. I usually pair them with a similar coloured matte lipstick for a different effect and to last longer if I’m going somewhere fancy.

Image result for elf lip balms

NYX Matte Lipstick- This is probably also something I use almost on an everyday basis. It’s perfect paired with the pink E.L.F lip balm if you don’t want it to be too matte or on it’s own if you want that really matte effect. I have kind of dry lips so I don’t love these lipsticks on their own but they’re absolutely perfect for me with some lip balm.

Image result for nyx matte lipsticks

Sleek Contour KitThis is my go-to contour kit. The bronzer is really easy to blend in and the highlighter is not too crazy but bright enough that it does a good job highlighting. This is perfect if you’re a starter or aren’t the best at contouring and don’t want to look insane!

Image result for sleek contour

Maybelline ‘Fit Me!’ Poreless Foundation- Okay, honestly there is nothing that could make me hate this foundation. It has crazy coverage (I usually only have to use a few drops) and it’s super easy to blend. I also found the perfect shade for my skin which is awesome because usually the foundations that are close to my skin tone look kind of orange and I hate that. It also comes in matte and normal so you can pick whichever you prefer. I wouldn’t recommend the matte foundations if you have dry skin of blemishes because it tends to show it more.

Image result for maybelline foundation fit me

Maybelline Falsies Mascara- This is another one of those things I use almost daily. Mascara can really make or break your look and it’s seriously a gamechanger. This one is really easy to put on and it makes you look like you’re wearing false lashes even when you’re not. This is honestly, the best mascara I’ve used so far although I have been meaning to try some new ones so let’s see!

Image result for maybelline falsies mascara

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer- This is honestly the only concealer I’ve found so far that’s perfect for my skin tone and has amazing coverage. I have quite a few concealers some on the expensive side too and none of them compare to this one.

Image result for maybelline concealer

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My 5 Favorite Matte Lipsticks!

  1. Kat Von D– I’m going to start out by saying that Kat Von D is kind of pricey however her everlasting liquid lipsticks are the greatest lipsticks I’ve ever used. Nothing else has ever compared and if it wasn’t for the fact that they are pretty expensive I would have all of them! They feel so light like you’re not even wearing any lipstick and they stay on no matter what! Seriously, the world could end and your lipstick would still be on fleek. My favourite shade so far has been Lolita I.
  2. E.L.FThese are so affordable and really great to use! No they won’t stay on for the whole day and you’ll probably need to reapply them every hour or so but they are still really great if you’re on a budget and need some good matte lipsticks. The quality is really good and the colours are super cute!
  3. Huda– Again her lipsticks are on the pricey side but they are so worth it because they look absolutely amazing and stay on for at least a few hours depending on what you’ll be doing! The colours are amazing and her lip sets come with a liner too which makes it so much easier to contour your lips!
  4. Sleek– their matte lipsticks are my second favourite to wear when I’m going to be eating or drinking because they too tend to stay. Not as great as Kat Von D but a much more affordable alternative with pretty similar results. They have a really great variety of shades too!
  5. NYX– NYX are another more affordable brand on the list and they’re great if you’re on a budget. In all honesty I don’t own a lot of NYX lipsticks but the ones that I do have are absolutely amazing! No they won’t last forever but they are really cute and they’re not the annoying dry matte so they don’t make your lips look super dry. Also you can always reapply them.

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My 5 Favourite E.L.F Products Under $5

If you’ve ever bought makeup you probably know it can cost way too much sometimes and that’s why I thought I would share some of my favourite affordable makeup products with you guys!

  1. Long-wear Lip Liner Pencil ($1) – Although it is called long-wear I have to admit that if you’re planning on eating with this on you’re probably going to have to touch up but if you’re not going to eat while wearing this it does last quite a while. It also goes on really smoothly and is absolutely one of my favourite lip pencils!

Image result for elf Long-wear Lip Liner Pencil

2. Velvet Matte Lipstick  ($3) – I love that these colours are pretty matte but not too dry like some of the other matte lipsticks I’ve used. Again they don’t always last so carry it around with you.

Image result for elf velvet matte lipstick

3. Total Face Sponge ($4) – I didn’t know what to expect from the sponges but I really liked this one! It’s super soft and pretty easy to blend with!

Image result for elf Total Face Sponge

4. Intense Ink Eyeliner ($3)- like it says in the name it is really intense and I am usually not a fan of eyeliner (because I always mess it up…) but I really like this one! It’s pretty easy to use and I love how dark and intense it looks.

Image result for elf Intense Ink Eyeliner      Image result for elf Intense Ink Eyeliner

5. Matte Lip Color ($3 per lip color)– These colours are really pretty (I haven’t tried the cranberry one yet but it looks really nice too in the picture!) and really matte. I usually add some lip-gloss over them when I use them since I like a more glossy look but that’s just an option!

Image result for elf Matte Lip Color  Related image

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