Travelling In Toronto- Day 2

If you haven’t read the first part of my travel posts check it out by clicking here. First we decided to head to Starbucks to have a cup of coffee and kind of wake ourselves up which was honestly the best way to start the day. Next we went to check out Thompson Hotel which … Continue reading Travelling In Toronto- Day 2

Travelling To Toronto- Day 1

As some of you who have read my earlier post know I decided to do a little bit of exploring in Toronto a few weeks back. It was an absolutely amazing experience and we had so much fun there. We were also able to try a bunch of vegan restaurants but I’ll write about those … Continue reading Travelling To Toronto- Day 1

Top 3!

I just really wanted to say thank you so much to everyone that’s been voting for me! So a while back I told you guys about a competition I entered in which if I won I would get a free two nights stay at One King West Hotel in Toronto. I had just become one of the finalists … Continue reading Top 3!

Something Exciting Is Happening!!

Okay so do you guys remember my trip to Toronto? Well we stayed at One King West Hotel and I recently found out that they have this contest where you can win a two nights stay there with breakfast included if you win the competition so obviously I entered. Yesterday I received an email saying … Continue reading Something Exciting Is Happening!!

The Hogtown Vegan- Experience And Review

To check out more posts from my trip to Toronto click here. So this was the last place we went to and it was definitely our favourite. As you can probably tell by the name it’s vegan and offers a bunch of amazing foods most of which are vegan alternatives for meat based foods. The place … Continue reading The Hogtown Vegan- Experience And Review

Udupi Palace- Experience And Review

To check out more posts from my trip to Toronto click here. This is another restaurant that we were super excited about. We hadn’t had South Indian food in forever and we were really looking forward to trying this place out. Plus the Udupi Palace had really good reviews online and the food looked good so … Continue reading Udupi Palace- Experience And Review

Cosmic Treats- Experience And Review

To check out more posts from my trip to Toronto click here. So Cosmic Treats was the second restaurant we went to on our first day in Toronto. We had heard a lot of good reviews of it online so we were looking forward to it and had high expectations. However, unfortunately we were a … Continue reading Cosmic Treats- Experience And Review

Planta Queen- Experience And Review

We were famished by the time we reached Toronto so we decided to head straight to Planta Queen- a vegan Asian restaurant we had been hearing so much about. Our reservation was for a little later but they were so sweet and said that we could we could sit down earlier. The restaurant itself was … Continue reading Planta Queen- Experience And Review

Home Again!

I’m so excited because I’m finally back home in Kenya for the summer! I am so happy to be home and I am definitely planning on relaxing and catching up on my sleep as well as catching up with my friends and family of course! I’m also super excited because I spent a couple of … Continue reading Home Again!