I Won Something! (Kind Of)

Ok so technically I came third but still yayyy! So Nicola Auckland has a six word story competition every Saturday and the winner is announced on Friday and I won third prize for my six word story! Check out my six word story and the amazing other six word stories here. 

Also check out the six word story I submitted today here and please do vote for it (vote for the other ones you like too!!).


51 thoughts on “I Won Something! (Kind Of)

  1. Congratulations! (Btw I am going to say something super weird now, when you first follwoed my blog, I thought you were a..a guy. I know, I feel kinda dumb. A couple months ago, I though it over and was like, oooooooooooohhhhh I don’t think Pooja is a guy. I just thought PoojaG sounded kind of guy-ish. Sorry this is weird XD)

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    1. Thanks! Hahaha that’s totally not weird! My name is actually Indian so I can understand how you couldn’t tell what gender I was based on my name. That happens to me sometimes too when people don’t have a name on or picture on their profile and I can’t tell what gender they are. Hahaha this made me smile 😂😜😁

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    1. Thank you!! Yeah I’ve been doing it every Saturday for a few weeks now and it’s been really fun. It’s also super fun to read other peoples six word stories too because we get a one word prompt and its cool to see how differently everyone perceives it.

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