Hallo! Wie Gehts?

As many of you probably know I’m learning German at the moment and since it’s been so much fun learning it I thought today I would teach you guys greetings/salutations in German because as you know- ich liebe Deutsch!

Hallo– Hello

Auf wiedersehen– Goodbye

Tschüss– Bye

Guten Tag– Good day

Guten Morgen– Good morning

Guten Nachmittag– Good afternoon

Guten Abend– Good evening

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55 thoughts on “Hallo! Wie Gehts?

    1. Yeah actually so many people have told me they want to learn German or that they’re learning German too which is really nice. I think if you’re fluent in English that does really help because German and English can be quite similar so you’ll have that advantage compared to learning any other language. I’m going to be honest and tell you German isn’t easy because of the grammar which is quite different compared to English but on the other hand it’s the easiest language I’ve learned so far. If you’re really enthusiastic about learning German I would highly recommend you do it because it’s a really helpful language to know, it’s a lot easier than other languages, it’s soooo fun to learn and once you get the hang of it grammar problems won’t be so bad for you.

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    1. Ooh that’s really nice! Do you still remember the German you learnt back then? I learnt French in High School and honestly I don’t really remember much of it.


    1. Yes you absolutely can! And I would recommend you use Duolingo to learn it (that’s the app I’m using) because it’s really easy to learn and it and shows you how to pronounce the words as well which is so helpful. Plus it keeps sending reminders so you don’t miss any lessons.

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  1. English is like a rowdy family. One parent is Latin, one is German. They have words with similar meaning, but different structures. I think that to really understand English, one must understand its temperamental parents!
    For no clear reason, I write German poetry. It is nowadays my sporadic effort. See, e.g. the Unblinking God of the Wire (https://steveofcaley.wordpress.com/2017/03/05/der-unblinkenden-gott-des-drahes/) if you wish. My German is nonstandard – I learned it long ago, and forgot much.

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    1. Yeah absolutely I really thinking learning German definitely compliments your English too and I’m sure it’s the same for Latin. I was actually also thinking of writing some poetry in German but I don’t think I’m that good at German yet. I will definitely check out the link! 🙂


  2. Hi! I´m from Germany and i´m very surprised that so many people are learning german because I never thought that it´s a common language. Even I sometimes struggle with our grammar rules;) You have done a good job here! Übung macht den Meister! 😉

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    1. Hello! Thanks for stopping by! Yeah I was really pleasantly surprised to see how many people are learning or have learnt German and it’s really great that so many people are interested in such an amazing language! Danke und wieder zu besuchen (I hope that makes sense I’m still not great at German)


      1. You’re English is really good! I would never have known that you’re still learning it if you wouldn’t have told me. Yeah I have always regretted not learning it in High School and since I finally had some time I decided to learn it especially since I want to spend a month or so in Germany just exploring and seeing everything. I think it will be helpful to know German. Plus my uncle lives in Luxembourg so he helps me out with my German too which is awesome.


    1. Haha no it’s a lot easier than the other languages I’ve learnt but that’s probably because I like German the most and chose to learn it unlike the others which I did as subjects in school. Plus German is a little similar to English so some of the words are easier to remember!

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  3. haha I see. Stay tuned, if it was possible for me to learn english, it has to be kind of walkover for you to learn german :D. If you have any question some time about the german language, let me now. Would appreciate it to help you 🙂

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    1. Yeah I am not giving up on German any time soon! I have been working on it for like more than half an year and it’s actually getting easier now that I’ve kind of gotten the hang of it! Also I love how German literally has a word for everything! I feel like I can final express stuff properly!
      Thank you so much! I will probably take you up on that offer some time because a few things still confuse me!

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      1. It’s so nice to hear somebody who likes the language german. Most people say it sounds too hard and aggressive. But it is true, you have basically for everything a single word to express exactly what you mean.
        Feel free to contact me for any questions 🙂

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      2. Yeah a lot of people say it sounds pretty harsh but I’ve just never thought that. For some reason I thought it sounded really interesting and I just always wanted to learn it!
        Thank you!!

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      1. Omg yes that’s just incredible! Yeah English is just faster because you are already used to it! I so want to go to Germany some day and talk to actual Germans in German! ❤

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      2. I’m going to Germany at the end of July and I’m going to use German all the time – or at least that’s what I plan to do – and enjoy my time in three different cities! I’m so excited about that! 😀 Of course, I’m going there with German boyfirend!

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      3. That sounds so amazing I hope you have a wonderful time there! I was supposed to go this year but unfortunately it didn’t really work out but I’m hoping to go next year! (Hopefully I’ll have found a German boyfriend by then 😉😂)


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