Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of my amazing followers! You guys mean the world to me and seriously I couldn’t have got through 2016 without you! I hope 2017 is amazing and you guys all get everything you wish for! Let me know in the comments below what you hope for and expect from 2017!


My 2016 Favorites!!!

So it’s almost the end of the year and I really wanted to share some of the things I really enjoyed this year!

My 5 Favorite Books Of 2016:

  1.  The Unknown Ego– this book is about the Freudian theory of the ego and how it effects behavior. It explains from a psychodynamic approach how human behavior is effected by the by our earlier experiences in life. I would not really encourage everyone to read it but I would encourage anyone who is interested in psychology, especially the psychodynamic approach, to check this book out. I’m still barely starting to learn psychology but since I want to become a therapist I thought I should read up on it and this book was so easy to follow and simple so I also really liked it for that reason.
  2.  We The Living By Ayn Rand– This is the first book I’ve ever read by Ayn Rand and I can tell you it was really something. It takes place in Soviet Russia and even though it is a work of fiction it is quite realistic is showing what life was for the Russians after the Civil War- especially for those who did not support the Reds. I would highly recommend reading this book at least once unless you’re the kind of person who gets depressed easily by books (I’m like that too! I literally cried after reading this) in which case I would suggest you avoid it by all means.
  3.  On The Road by Jack Kerouac– I don’t even know what to say about this book. This book has changed my life in such a way that I could never be thankful enough. Kerouac has been a lifesaver for me. I wanted to read this book for quite a long time and when I finally did it turned out to be so much more than I expected. It’s about a young mans journey around the US with his incredibly amusing and often outrageous friends. This book inspired me to start working on my own book starting next year and gave me some amazing ideas. While reading this book I felt like my mind just opened up and I had this amazing epiphany. Even to people who don’t usually enjoy reading I would highly encourage reading this book. Believe me it will change your life!
  4. Othello by William Shakespeare– I was really inspired by this book too and found it a fascinating read. This is probably my favorite Shakespeare book so far and I actually read it because I had to for my English Literature for school. It is a sad description of how a mans life is ruined and turned upside down due to racism and prejudice and his wife too suffers a sad fate for her undying love for him. I would recommend this book to everyone but if you’re a fan of Shakespeare or if you don’t mind the kind of olden English used in this book you should totally check it out!
  5. Bluebeard’s Egg And Other Stories by Margret Atwood– I have been obsessed with Atwood’s work since I first read The Handmaids Tale which I also had to read for my English Literature but last year. This book is a variety of short stories which are all incredibly interesting with surprising and mostly pretty sad endings. I would highly recommend this to anyone who’s a fan of Atwood’s work or of kind of depressing short stories in general…

Honorable Mention- The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy By Douglas Adams– The only reason this book isn’t on the list is because I kind of felt like the sequels were not as amazing as the first book and in fact I am finding it kind of difficult to finish the last book. This book however (the first one) is witty, sarcastic, humorous, kind of insane and really interesting. I would highly recommend giving it a read especially since it’s quite small and you can finish it in like a day. 

My 5 Favorite TV Shows Of 2016:

  1.  30 Rock– The cast includes Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski and more. It’s hilarious, interesting, deep, sarcastic and basically one of the greatest shows I’ve ever seen!
  2.  Arrested Development– The cast includes Jason Bateman, Michael Cera, Will Arnett, Portia De Rossi, David Cross and many more incredible actors! It was hilarious, outrageous, emotional, thought provoking and more. I would highly recommend watching it even though the end is kind of left hanging because it didn’t really end (it’s hard to explain just Google it!)
  3.  The Office (US)– The cast includes Steve Carrell, John Krasinski, Jenna Fischer, Rainn Wilson, Mindy Kaling, B.J Novak and many more. The first word that comes to mind when remembering this show is probably outrageous. From Jim’s silly pranks and antics to his love for Pam he stole our heart. Steve Carrell may be the worst boss ever but he too will forever be remembered fondly as Michael Scott. If you’re a fan of Parks and Rec or The Office (UK) I would highly recommend this show.
  4.  Modern Family– The cast includes Ed O’Neill, Sofia Vergara, Ty Burrell, Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Eric Stonestreet and many more incredible actors. I absolutely love this show. It’s hilarious yet enables to learn so much about both life and family. It’s ongoing and if you haven’t began catching up yet all I can say is what are you waiting for?!?
  5. Fresh Off The Boat– The cast includes Randall Park, Constance Wu, Hudson Yang, Ian Chen, Forrest Wheeler, Lucille Soong and many more amazing actors. It’s funny and relatable and surprisingly emotional. I have really enjoyed so far and look forward to more episodes.

My 5 Favorite Movies Of 2016:

  1.  Rogue One- Absolutely brilliant and surprisingly sassy. Even if you haven’t watched any other Star Wars movies and even if you aren’t a huge Star Wars fan you will still love this movie.
  2.  Finding Dory- This movie just proves that Ellen DeGeneres can do no wrong. I would highly recommend you watch this movie.
  3.  Zootopia- Hilarious with an amazing moral about peace and unity. Really loved this movie.
  4.  Sausage Party- I would definitely not recommend this to everyone but if you are a fan of Seth Rogen do find some time to check it out. It’s quite funny!
  5.  Central Intelligence- Hilarious and also very interesting! Definitely check it out if you haven’t so far.

My Favorite Musicians In 2016:

I hardly ever listen to new music so all the musicians below are going to be kind of old but they are what I listened to most this year.

  1.  Janis Joplin
  2.  Bob Dylan
  3.  The Beatles
  4.  Loudon Wainwright
  5.  Seth MacFarlane- Yes you read right! I said Seth MacFarlane. If you’ve heard of him before it’s probably because of his TV shows or movies but yes he does music to. If you’ve seen anything he’s worked on before don’t be scared because his music is the exact opposite. It’s deep, meaningful, beautiful, and truly amazing. Please do check out his music if you have some time!

So those are my favorites for this year! Please let me know yours in the comments below I would love to hear from you!

Also really random question but if anyone has a good recipe with parsnips let me know because I bought some yesterday but now I kind of am not sure what to do with them because I’ve never had parsnip before and I have no idea what they taste like… Thank you!! 🙂

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10 Amazing Quotes To Remember Carrie Fisher By

Carrie Fisher was an amazing woman both onscreen and off-screen. She was a huge inspiration to not just me but millions of people around the world. I was so saddened and devastated by her death and here are 10 amazing quotes to remember her by:

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Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you and your family have an amazing day and I hope you get a lot of amazing gifts!! I’ve never seen snow but I hope you guys see a lot of it 🙂

Six Word Story

Sometimes I want to give up.

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The Caged Bird

Bewegen sich!” I yell. Move. They’re all huddled together, crying and sniffling like goats before they are butchered. We only have one job to do today- kill the Jews. KILL THE JEWS. As always our Swastikas are proudly pinned to the arms of our S.S uniforms. “Make a line! Quick!” I snap at them. An old lady whispers something about a child and I guess she’s pleading for mercy. They always do. They always plead and beg like pathetic parasites instead of fighting. That’s why they’re treated as inferior beings, that’s why it’s so easy for us to put a bullet through their heads.

“You!” says the Commander pointing at me. “Ja?” I ask. “Check the building, these fickers will do whatever they can to escape! They need to be exterminated!” he shouts dramatically. “We’ll take care of the ones here,” he grins. I nod and move towards the entrance of the building followed by two soldiers. We burst into every single room killing all the hidden Jews and shooting the dead ones again to make sure they are dead.

I’ve done this so often it feels more like a tedious routine than massacre. Little children sometimes cling to the dead bodies of their parents but it doesn’t matter because soon they too will join their parents. Bodies lie on top of each other, their eyes bulging, their mouths slightly open with blood pouring out. A young girl lies there in a pool of her own blood, a shocked expression frozen on her face. She was holding something I realize bending to pick it up. It is a worn out, blood stained, black and white picture of her with some people I assume are her parents. She had been smiling at the camera. She will never smile again.

“We have an escapee!” shouts a soldier as someone runs past us. “I’ll get him,” I reply. There’s usually an escapee- someone who thinks they can outrun the fate of their race and religion. “STOP! STOP!” I chase him grabbing his coat, pulling him to the floor. “DO NOT MOVE!” I yell pointing my gun at him. I hear soft sobs and then the wail of an infant. I turn the Jew around only to realize it is a woman cradling a new born baby in her arms. Her face is covered in blood and tears and her dress is ripped but I could have recognized her from anywhere.

“Marie…” I breathe, numbed by the surprise. All the memories come flooding back and I blink rapidly trying to push back tears. It all seems so fresh again- the pain, the anguish. The hushed goodbyes, the last time I held her in my arms, the last time I gazed into her beautiful brown eyes stroking back a loose strand of hair.

The love of my life stands before me pleading for mercy with another man’s baby in her arms.

Kiss me, I had continuously begged her. Let’s just kiss once. She had finally given in at eighteen. That had been the first night we had spent together wrapped in each other’s arms. I love you I had softly whispered to her as she closed her exhausted eyes. The next morning we heard that President Hindenburg had died leaving Hitler and the Nazis in charge.

“What are you doing here? You promised you would leave this godforsaken country!” I whisper. My father had lied to me, I now realize.

I still remember the horror on my parents’ faces when I told them I loved a Jewish girl. “No,” was all my father whispered, the blood draining from his face. It wasn’t long before he was doing everything in his power to separate us. My parents wouldn’t let her into our house, calling the Jews filthy, greedy pigs. As the segregation of Jews increased it got harder for us to be together. Eventually it got so bad for them that I knew I had to help them even if it meant helping them escape Germany- meaning I may never see Marie again. I had no other choice but to ask my father who gladly agreed to help smuggle her family into Switzerland. He called a friend in the S.S who would soon become my Commander to talk to him about how to get them out of Germany. Of course there was a catch to it- I had to join the S.S army. I bluntly refused, pointing out I wanted nothing to do with the Nazis whatsoever but he insisted that this was the only way he would agree to ‘help the bloody Jews’. The Jews were being hunted every day and Marie and her family were in danger. I knew I had to sell my soul to the Nazis to keep them safe. I would have to kill poor, innocent Jews every day for the rest of my life. It was a heavy price to pay for her safety and it still hurt every time I pulled my trigger.

The night before they left I had held her in my arms, her heart beating against mine. We had whispered our hopes and dreams promising each other that this wouldn’t be the last time we were together. I watched her sleep, reminiscing about the past. We had been inseparable since the age of four. We had spent every waking moment together. At twelve I had already been head over heels for Marie, especially since my parents so obviously disapproved of her. In my youth I had loved rebelling against my controlling parents and that is why I had chased after Marie but as we grew older our love grew with us and I knew it wasn’t just rebellion anymore, I loved her.

After she left, there had always been a void in my heart that my wife could never fill no matter how hard my mother tried to convince her that I was only going through a phase. Marie was the only woman I loved and nothing would change that. That is probably why my marriage had failed and why I now came home to an empty house every night and drowned my sorrows in alcohol until I blacked out. I had no power, freedom or choice. I had been a puppet for my parents and now I was a puppet for the Nazi’s and could do nothing about it.

“Please Markus, the baby’s my sister’s, we have no family left, please let us go,” she begged, tears pouring down her cheeks. Her sister was dead? Her whole family had been slaughtered like the rest, I realized. Her sister Amelia, had always been a sweet, innocent little girl, she would only be sixteen now.

Before I can help her we hear footsteps. “What are you waiting for, Mark?” questions Steven, one of the soldiers walking towards us. “Wait? You going to screw her first?” he asks giving me a toothy smile. “Can we get in on the action?” he continues, grinning.

Her eyes widen in fear as she looks at me hoping for some ray of hope and humanity. Steven begins walking towards her, his hands almost touching her. The thought of him even near her made the bile rise to my mouth. “Get away from her,” I whisper menacingly. “Look if you want to go first I got no problem with that,” Steve mutters putting his hands up in a gesture of surrender. “I just want a taste,” he continues licking his thick, ugly lips.

We hear more footsteps and turn to see who it is. “We were wondering what was taking you so long,” mutters the Commander leering at Marie. He is joined by a few other soldiers who also seem to be staring at her. “Unfortunately we’re out of time, boys,” he adds his eyes still lingering on her. “Take care of her and the brat in her hands, Mark,” he orders, looking me straight in the eye. I know he is testing me and there is nothing I can do about it. He enjoys watching me squirm. My palms are cold and sweaty, my legs feel weak and my heart is beating out of my chest. The Commander looks at me, frowning.

“I told you to kill them, Markus!” yells the Commander, so loudly that some of the soldiers flinch. “Kill the ficken Jews!” he screams, the nerve on his forehead protruding. I can do absolutely nothing but stand there surrounded by surprised soldiers who have no idea what is going on. “Is this her, Markus? The Jewish SCHLAMPE you ruined your marriage for?” the Commander sneers. I look at Marie who keeps her head down, silently sobbing. “Kill her, Markus and prove to us that you’re not the ‘Jew Lover’ your father claims you are,” he continues. “Prove your loyalty now or face the consequences,” he threatens. The baby in Marie’s arms begins to wail again. I look from my Commander, a Nazi who would show us no mercy if I dared to disobey him, to Marie, the Jewish woman I love. Even if I tried to fire at any of the soldiers or the Commander I wouldn’t be able to do much good, it would be me against about ten men. If I got lucky and killed a few the rest would still take me down and they would definitely kill Marie and the baby. On the other hand I could never harm Marie, the love of my life. I take a deep breath and look into Marie’s sweet, pleading eyes just as I had done all those years ago.


So this was one of the pieces I wrote for my A levels English coursework a few months ago and I wanted to share it with you guys and find out what you thought of it! Please do let know in the comments what you think of it!!

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Let’s Be Frank

So a blogging buddy of mine- Shay-lon– recently suggested that I do a motivational Monday post with quotes by people called Frank so I decided to go for it. Also no this post about being frank…

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As the blood slowly drips

From her reddened skin

She knows

She will never be the same again

Now she is the one in control

Now he must do as she says

He is now her spawn

And off she goes to find more


Honestly I was super hopped up on painkillers when I wrote this so I’m not sure what it’s about either but I hope you guys like it!

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So My Teeth Kind Of Suck…

So recently even though I always swore that I would never go to see a dentist I was forced to see one as I was in extreme pain and can’t chew most things anymore. After my dentist got over the initial devastation of the state at which my teeth are at he decided we should get an X-ray.

The X-ray revealed that one of my molars had grown very weirdly and slanted so only a quarter of it was above my gum and left too much space between the weird tooth and my other molar. Due to this the molar was rotting and I’m going to have to get it removed. This is why I don’t like to go to dentists- because something bad always follows.

Anyway, I just wanted to share that little part of my life with you and I would love to hear if you have any stories about going to the dentist.

Lastly, I would like to apologise to MistryLand. As my future dentist you will be horrified and I know you tell me all the time to take care of my teeth and I still probably never will. Also this post is probably going to piss you off so I’m sorry about that!

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So it’s a national holiday in Kenya today (it’s our Independence Day!!) so I was preoccupied and didn’t have time to come up with a post today so here’s a cute picture I found to make your day a little better:

Image result for cat dog and hamster playing

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