Some Monday Inspiration

Hi everyone! So as you probably know I am currently doing my A Levels which keeps me very busy so I couldn’t really write anything for todays post so instead I decided to post some inspirational quotes to brighten your day!


I really hope this makes your day more bearable! Always remember that you are a beautiful, unique individual who deserves the best in life!

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A poem for the child I used to be: Small Hands, Big Eyes Why are you looking at me like I am a mythical creature? I remember the first day of creation You opened your hands to catch. But your hands…

Source: 19.

An Open Letter To The Universe

Save me

From the darkness

And the sadness

Shield me

From the pain

And anguish

Teach me

How to love

Without being hurt

Help me

To always accept others

Even when they’re different

Give me

The warmth and intimacy

I so crave

Change me

For the better

Not to suit your idea of perfection

Love me

For who I am

Inside and out


I know it sounds a little romantic but it’s really not (I am not a very romantic person 🙂 ). This poem is actually about growing up. I’ve been noticing lately things about myself that are changing because I am now an adult and sometimes that scares. I don’t want to grow up without actually growing up. I want to grow inside and out, I want to know what real spirituality and peace is, I want to be the best person I can be and live each day like it’s my last.

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Book Review: Bridget Jones’s Diary

*Warning: Contains Spoilers*

“I like you very much, just as you are”

I had been meaning to read Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding for a while now and I finally just got a chance to read it. Well I have a small confession to make- I haven’t finished the whole book yet because I had to revise for a history test I had today but I am almost done so I decided to write the review anyway.

Bridget Jones is a very, very relatable character who is mildly obsessed with her co-worker Daniel, smokes too much and has some self-esteem problems. She has a sort of out of control life and sometimes makes some horrible decisions. Her mother is one of those typical posh, controlling types who’s always gossiping or asking about when she’s going to get some grandchildren. Her father is more of a quiet, just-go-with-it type.

In the beginning we realize that Bridget has made some quite amusing resolutions for the New Year but is unfortunately forced to spend it with her parents and their annoyingly curious friends who try to hook her up with a Mr. Darcy who ironically spends most of the night standing on his own scrutinizing the contents of the bookshelf.

She however fancies Daniel who the reader can tell is a player and seems to be a jerk but she is oblivious to his flaws (as we all are at some point). Meanwhile her parents separate and her mother tries to experiment with more men and gets a job. Her father on the other hand is devastated and calls her way too often to moan about his life. Her friends on the other hand are quite amusing too and soon we find out none of their lives are all that perfect either.

This book may not have complex language, it may not have a great deal of linguistic and literary features and it may be simply written however this is still one of the greatest books I have ever read. The level of humor and sarcasm is off the charts- it is going to have you laughing from the first page. It’s also very realistic and can actually be very serious at times and it really does discuss important things about life, just with a hint of humor. It is really down to earth and everyone can fit in Bridget’s shoes because we’ve all been there.

I would really, really encourage everyone to read this book. Bridget Jones’s Diary is one of the finest books I have read in a long time and it is one the few books that has actually got me laughing aloud.

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Harper Lee Quotes

Harper Lee was an amazing writer and To Kill A Mockingbird may be one of the greatest books I have ever read in my life. It was also one of the first books that gave me an insight on just how bad racism used to be and how much innocent people suffered for no other reason than that they had been born a different race. Harper Lee’s writing will always be remembered for years to come and she will continue to inspire generations. Here are some quotes by her that I think everyone should remember and try to live by:





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I Remember You

You need to read this reply to my poem and fight for the peas!



As the blue dissolves to red
Specks of star dust tinkling
Like a crown around our sleepy star
As the birds chirp away home against their orange sky
I remember you.

Like the creases on a folded love letter
Read and reread
Like your smooth rough skin
I remember you

My mind dreams of your home
As i walk on the soft brown soil where you were born
Hiding beneath the grass
I remember you

Your brothers or sisters cannot have your splendour
Smooth and long
Crunchy and juicy
Beautiful in every shape
Oh carrots!

This means war! Carrots will always dominate peas! If you have no idea what is going on, click the link below:

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The Way You Make Me Feel

You feel smooth

And soft

Against my skin

I still remember

The taste of you

In my mouth

Every time I see you

My heart beats a little faster

As you seduce me

My mouth waters with anticipation

I take a deep breath

You smell so good

I can’t resist any longer

I just can’t wait anymore

I want you now

Why are you taking so long to cook?

I’ve been craving peas all week

And as I think all this

I realize they’re cooked

And I’m going to have a great meal

There’s a very good explanation as to why I am writing a poem about peas (no I didn’t finally lose my mind as everyone expected). To understand this story you need to know that I love peas so much I could probably live on nothing but peas but with that same passion I hate carrots. My friend who shall remain nameless (her) hates peas and loves carrots so when we got into an argument about which vegetable is obviously superior to the other (yes we have nothing better to do than fight about vegetables, and peas are obviously the best vegetable) she told me “if you like them so much maybe you should write a poem about them” and I told her “fine challenge accepted.” So here is the poem and now I am challenging her to write one about carrots unless of course she is ready to admit defeat…

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100 Followers And Some Inspiration!!!!!

I have no idea what to say! I just hit 100 followers and I am just so happy! When I started this blog I did it to have something to do that I really enjoyed and I didn’t expect anyone to really care. I was so excited when I got one follower and now I have a hundred which is so hard to believe. I never thought anyone would ever want to read what I wrote (yes I have surprisingly low self esteem 🙂 ) and this is just so flattering and incredible. I just want to say thank you to every single person who followed me. I hope you keep supporting me and enjoy my future posts!

Here are some inspirational quotes to brighten your day!




I really hope that makes you feel better and inspires you! Have an amazing day and don’t forget to smile!

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Tips On How To Deal With Depression

I have dealt with depression for quite a few years. Actually I have had symptoms of depression since I was 11/12. It was really hard at first especially because I didn’t know what was happening- I was just always sad or angry and I really didn’t get much support at the time from my family who I believe just thought I was going through a phase at the time. The worst part of depression for me is that it never really goes away, it’s always there at the back of my mind waiting for the slightest sign of weakness. I still have days when I just feel horrible and feel like life isn’t worth it anymore but I always try to think of all the positive things in my life. If your depression is effecting your day-to-day life in a way that you can’t deal with on your own please seek help immediately. Often your depression can also effect the relationships with the people you love and couples counselling is a great way to get your relationship back on track. Anyway, here are a few things I found very helpful when battling with depression:

Exercise- I know when you’re depressed even just getting out of bed is difficult but exercise really does help and once you start exercising you’ll start feeling a lot healthier and positive, you just need to find the strength to start. I would encourage that you get a trainer or start some kind of exercising routine everyday even if it’s just jogging for a while every day. Believe me it will start to be really fun soon.

Eat healthy- sometimes the types of foods you eat can affect your mood. Eating healthy can really help with depression and make you feel better about your body too. It can increase your self-esteem and really make you feel more positive.

Self-help- if you feel like therapy or drugs aren’t exactly helping you to cope with your depression reading books or sites on self-help can be really helpful. I found this particularly helpful because everyone has different symptoms/types of depression and sometimes reading can help you find the perfect way to deal with it because everyone is different and different things help different people. Online sites can be helpful too because you can read other people’s experiences with depression or write about your own experience. I have found that many people online are very positive and ready to help.

Love- sometimes thinking about things you love can really be fun and can get your mind off more negative things. You can make a list of all the things you are grateful for and put them in a jar so you can pull out one of them every time you feel down. You can also choose to stick the list above your bed so you see them every day. You can always also find people you love and tell them you love them (it’s fun to see their reaction).

Smile- smiling helps make you feel better because it removes chemicals in your brain that make you happy. Try smiling at people, even if you don’t know them that well and just try to pretend to be happy for a while and you’ll soon realize that you stopped pretending and are actually starting to feel happy.

Get a pet- studies have shown that playing with animals can make you happier so if you can maybe try getting a cute little pet (or a creepy one if you’re into those kinds of pets) to hold and cuddle when you feel sad. Plus taking care of them can get your mind off your depression.

Help someone- helping someone can be really rewarding. As humans we have the need to please others and in doing so you please yourself. Maybe you can help out at a homeless shelter by cooking or serving the homeless. If you like animals maybe you can volunteer at the animal shelter. If those don’t sound right maybe you can volunteer at school to tutor other students or help out with events. It may sound kind of boring or lame at first but it can get really fun and you may end up making some new friends. You could always try to join a club too so you can meet some new people to interact with.

Talk- everyone has a story a story to tell and talking to others can really help with depression. Not only do you realize that everyone has problems you also get to see things from other people’s perspective which can really be helpful sometimes. I’m sure your friends would love to talk to you about how you’re feeling and if not you can always join a support group or talk to someone online. Just talking about how you feel can actually be a lot more helpful sometimes than solving you dilemma.

Change you’re thought patterns- I’m not saying that depression is a habit but sometimes thinking negatively or being pessimistic can become a habit. To change this you can try to consciously make an effort to be more positive about things. Soon thinking positively will become a habit and you will realize you’re becoming a more positive person in general.

Be creative- sometimes having a creative output can be really helpful. For example, I started writing my blog because it gave me a way to write about my thoughts and generally things I’m interested in. Writing is a great way to express yourself. So is art, making music, cooking and more. Find something you enjoy doing and do it when you’re feeling kind of down.

Seek help- if nothing seems to be working maybe you need professional help. There is nothing wrong with that and there is nothing to be ashamed of either. Sometimes you need some professional help to sort out some things and it may be incredibly helpful. And remember you will probably not have to see a therapist for the rest of your life and even if you have to there is nothing wrong with that. If you’re not sure how to sign up for therapy or how to find someone who can help you can always check out BetterHelp which will help you find the perfect therapist for you as an individual- someone you can comfortably work with to achieve a better you! 

I hope these helped! They’re not exactly proven or even professional or anything, they are just things I myself have done and still do when I have bouts of depression and I personally find them very helpful so I thought I should share them. I really hope this helps someone!

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