Music Review: Drake- Hotline Bling

When I first witnessed the mix up of bad dance moves and big booties that is Hotline Bling I believe I stared at the screen for a while speechless after which I repeated the words “what the hell did I just watch” at least ten times. The only word that can truly and fully explain what’s going on in that video to someone who has never seen it before is “WWHHHAAAATTT???” Yes, today I will be reviewing the song that has taken the internet world by storm and has made watching Vines fun again- Hotline Bling by Drake.

The video starts off with an extremely curvy girl who seems to be working in a hotline center filled with some of the most beautiful and curvy women I’ve ever seen (because you know that’s totally realistic). This is followed by the viewer seeing Drake and his dance moves that have an acute likeness to people having seizures or baking. Once that beat drops Drake goes all out with the dancing and we can see he is absolutely enthusiastic about it. Also, for some unknown reason all this is going on in some kind of colorful box/cube filled with Drake and Nicki Minaj lookalikes (yes we get it Drake- you like your girls BBW). Drake continues dancing throughout the song reminding us of how it looks like when people from Game Of Thrones get decapitated (you know with all the shaking and hand moving combined with the shocked and pained expressions on our face). Let’s be honest- Chandler Bing had better dance moves.

However, even though everyone on the internet does seem to getting on the diss Drake’s dance moves train I must admit the song itself when heard is pretty fun, upbeat and catchy (you’ll notice this when you stop laughing long enough to actually hear the song). The beat is light and playful while the lyrics are seemingly deeper. This is the first song from Drake I’ve actually liked in a while (plus I really have no choice since it’s been stuck in my head).

This song proves a few things to people around the world:

  1. Drake takes YOLO seriously- otherwise why else would anyone dance like that in a video (either that or he’s seriously high).
  2. Drake is contagious- it started with everyone getting obsessed with YOLO and saying it every ten seconds and now people are going to be dancing like that in public every time they hear a Drake song (I’m warning you if I see you do that I am going to punch you in the face as hard as I humanly can).
  3. Drake is not a great dancer- this one is pretty self-explanatory…

At the end of the day, even though admittedly I do like this song a lot, this song is a perfect example of why Hip Hop is going downhill. I mean when you listen to real Hip Hop like Eminem, N.W.A, The Beastie Boys, Run DMC etc. it hurts to see what this genre has come to (catchy beats and almost completely naked women). I mean there are still some amazing artists out there but unfortunately they’re not getting as much attention as they should.

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6 thoughts on “Music Review: Drake- Hotline Bling

  1. Personally i don`t think rap is going as downhill as you say it is. Yes, the way that women are displayed in the videos can sometimes be too much, it has me shaking my head too believe me, but sometimes they cannot control it. All I am saying is live in your time, and try and learn to see that creation no matter how big or small are all beautiful. Enjoy what you are privileged enough to see.

    Good review though i enjoyed reading it.

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