The Child

The child waited

As her family wept

The priest prayed by her bed

Her mother held her hand

The candle was still burning on the nightstand

Her father wiped his face with his handkerchief

The room was so bright

She couldn’t understand why

Her parents tried to console her brother

“Her suffering has ended”

“She’s in a better place”

She saw a dark figure approach her

“It’s time to leave, child”

“We must go now”

He was covered in a black robe

And no one seemed to notice him

She took his bony hand

And together they left

“I’m sorry” the figure whispered

As she turned and looked into his eyes

Into the never ending darkness

Of death


This poem was influenced by Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief in which the story is narrated by death. It is chillingly realistic and brings out the horrors of Nazi Germany. Likewise I wanted this poem to be chillingly truthful because life isn’t always perfect and death is inevitable.

“She was one of the few souls that made me wonder what it was to live”

“It kills me sometimes, how people die”

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I Am Different

I am different

And I cannot change

I see things differently

I sound different

I prefer the trees

To human company

I like to be alone

And think about life

Because when I’m alone

I’m most accompanied

I like to dress different

With baggy shirts

And colorful shoes

I don’t work well with others

But I’m great on my own

I don’t know what to say under pressure

Or to new people

But I’m great with animals

I’m not like everyone else

I am different

And I will not change


Sometimes people are just afraid of what they don’t understand and that is why they refuse to accept change. People think that being different is a bad thing but it’s not, it’s a good thing because it just means you’re brave enough to break away from the norms and make your own way through life. We need to stop judging people for tiny details that don’t matter like race, gender, religion or values. We are all different but we need to embrace these differences and allow everyone around us to be who they are without trying to force them to change into what our idea of acceptable is. If we could all just peacefully co-exist we could eliminate so many problems around the world like war. Whether we like to accept it or not change is an inevitable part of life and I hope someday we can all learn to live together as one.

“A wise man changes his mind, a fool never will”

“Don’t fear change- embrace it” – Anthony J. D’Angelo


The Smile

An old man lies on the ground coughing

All the empty souls walk by

Ignoring his existence

They’re too busy repeating the same task

Every single day

Like clockwork

Looking without seeing

Listening without hearing

Dead to everything around them

They can’t see how empty they are

Their eyes cloaked by years of experience

They talk on their cell phones

And stare ahead blankly

Coffee in hand

A little girl runs to the old man

Hello there she says brightly

Her blue eyes glow in the sun

Her hair blows in the wind

Where do you live she asks

Here on the street he replies

Her mother calls her name

She waves goodbye

Running to her mother

He smiles and looks up at the sky

He closes his eyes and goes towards the light


This poem was inspired by my fascination of observing people. I find that most people just drift through life without ever actually realizing that they are missing so much. We never stop and just look at everything around us, we never stop to give a helping hand and listen to someone else’s story. I don’t know when humans became so selfish and self-centered but I feel like we need to change our ways. Children are innocent and seeing the world through a child’s eyes is chilling and that is what I wanted to portray.

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How To Irritate People

For some unknown reason I find it weirdly satisfying to make people feel extremely uncomfortable in my presence. At first I did it unintentionally but watching people squirm was just way too much fun. Here are a few ways I found will instantly make people cringe:

Pretend you don’t understand what they’re saying– when someone that you don’t particularly want to talk to or you just want to see squirm asks you something or even talks to you just keep going “huh?”, “sorry?”, “what?” Keep asking until the person goes considerably red in the face. The classic “I’m sorry, I don’t speak English” or “Sorry I don’t understand English” also works quite well- especially on teachers.

Talk with a fake accent– be it a British, Irish, Indian, Chinese or even Russian accent, it is sure to irk friends and family (for great results you may want to consider doing this at family reunions filled with adult relatives). Another great way to use a fake accent is when you’re out for a meal and you loudly make plans to destroy things with a fake Russian or German accent. This will make everyone around you noticeably uncomfortable.

Pay with coins– why use notes when you can waste everyone’s time by pulling out all those coins you’ve been saving for just this kind of occasion. By using this technique in a queue not only will you irritate the person you’re giving the change to you will also irritate everyone behind you waiting in line. It’s a win-win situation!

Reply only with “right?”– every time someone makes the mistake of talking to you reply with “right?” (Preferably in an annoyingly squeaky and slow Kardashian voice). Make sure you say it like a question and after every single sentence the other person says.

Shout random numbers when someone’s counting– when someone (preferably someone serious and authoritative) is counting be sure to shout out random numbers at random moments. This also works great at school when your teacher is in a hurry or just in a bad mood. You may want to try this on your parents too- the aftermath is great!

Wear your clothes backwards- this is sure to annoy almost everyone you know- particularly your neat-freak friends and family members. To heighten the effect you can add the classic wear the wrong shoe on the wrong foot. This will drive even the normal people you mingle with insane.

Slurp while you drink- preferably as loudly as humanly possible. Slurp to your heart’s content as you receive dirty looks from everyone around you and the people you’re sitting with beg you to stop. This is a great way of getting rid of some friends and family members that are beginning to annoy you. This also works when you’re trying to get someone’s attention but they are not responding- just get as close to them as you’re legally allowed to and slurp away. You may want to pair the slurping with loudly chewing things or loudly blowing your nose.

Talk on the phone as loudly as possible- when you see someone engrossed in a book or in a conversation or maybe someone just has a headache, stand annoyingly close to them and shout over the phone- like literally scream and yell (try this in a fake accent too!). The important thing to remember here is do not stop no matter how much the other person begs or threatens you.

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Hurt Me

You pushed me

And I fell to the floor

And you held me in your arms as I cried

And you promised “never again”

And I believed you

And then you slapped me

And you promised “never again”

And I believed you

And then you kicked me

And said it was my fault

And I believed you

And then you broke my arm

And said that I provoked you

And I believed you

And then you said you were going to kill me

And I believed you


This poem is about what it feels like to be trapped in the cycle of an abusive relationship. It does not get better- it just gets worse. To anyone reading this who is in such a relationship you need to leave right away- it is not worth it. No matter what you look or feel like, you are worth so much more and deserve to be in a happy and stable relationship. Abusive relationships are unhealthy and can cause severe physical and mental damage to those involved.

“Evil comes from the abuse of free will” – C. S. Lewis


She smiles as the wind caresses her hair

Her eyes shine as she looks up to the sky

She holds her teddy bear tightly in her hand

Her lips curl into a smile at the thought of life


She frowns at the thought of school

Her eyes fill with tears smudging her dark eyeliner

She pushes her dark dyed hair back

Her arms are filled with cuts


She’s been told she’s talentless again

Her songs are all she has

She dropped out of school years ago

Her music is her only hope


She lies on the ground ready to give up

Her phone rings on the couch

She picks it up thinking this is the last call she will ever receive

We want to sign you to our label

She is told by a distant voice


She performs for thousands of fans every night

Her eyes have got their shine back

She walks into her bedroom after kissing her kids goodnight

Her husband smiles and takes her into his arms

She’s finally truly content as she drifts off to sleep


When I was writing this poem, more than anything, I just wanted to show how quickly and drastically life can change sometimes. Also, sometimes it’s easier to give up on your dreams but the truth is dreams can come true even when you least expect it so you would rather just work really hard and achieve your dreams because that’s what’s important and that is what will give you real happiness. At the end of the day you should always do what you love and believe in yourself even when no one else does.

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That Awkward Moment When…

As a human we are all designed to make awkward and embarrassing mistakes that will have us cringing and blushing for weeks. Unfortunately, this happens to me more often than I would like to admit. Here are some awkward situations that happen to the best of us (even to those cool people from school you’re sure nothing bad ever happens to but you wish bad things would happen to):

  1. When you say “hi” to someone- okay saying “hi” to someone isn’t awkward unless it’s one of those annoying people who you try to avoid because they just never shut up even though you look like you’re in pain and are trying desperately to leave. But it is awkward when you say “hi” to someone (maybe a little too quietly) and they don’t hear you so they just walk away without noticing you and you just stand there pretending that didn’t happen and you weren’t really talking to them, you were just exercising your mouth muscles. It’s even worse when you wave and they don’t see you so they just keep walking and you’re just left there hoping no one saw that. The best way I have found to remedy this uncomfortable situation is run away and repress all memory of the particular incident.

2.   When you say “hi” to the wrong person- let’s all just admit this has happened to us all at one time or another. It may possibly be worse than saying “hi” and the other person not noticing. For a few seconds you’re so excited to see someone you know that you wave enthusiastically or even call out their name before realizing (too late) that it’s the wrong person. The wrong person has obviously noticed and is now staring at you with a mixture of confusion, fear and amusement as you quickly try to explain how you thought they were someone else and that they look just like your friend. Again repression of the memory will help rectify the situation.

3.   When you sing the wrong lyrics-we all know that awkward moment when an annoyingly catchy song gets stuck in your head (probably anything by Taylor Swift, Katy Perry or Rihanna) and you finally just give up and start singing it out loud only to realize you’ve been singing the wrong lyrics all along – yeah that’s pretty uncomfortable. Especially if you’re singing really loudly and people start staring at you and you think it’s because you’re doing a good job but in real they’re probably thinking “look at that weird chick singing the wrong words.” When someone finally has the decency to correct you, you just shyly and quietly walk away or pretend you knew those were the wrong words and were just being intentionally funny. Not only will that song forevermore be associated with embarrassment in your mind but it will probably still be stuck in your head constantly reminding you of that shameful moment.

4.   When you spit while talking- we’ve all been the spitter or the spit receiver at least once in our life (or in my case very often). I mean it’s accidental but it’s still pretty mortifying. I have never figured out who it’s worse for- the spitter or the spit receiver. On one hand when the spitter realizes their mistake they probably feel horrible and they will most likely apologize a few times but the damage will have been done- no one will ever forget the spitting incident. On the other hand, the person who was spat on will also be just as uneasy because no one trains you on what to do when you’re spat on. Do you wipe it off in front of the spitter even though that would be rude? Do you wait for the spitter to look away and then quickly wipe the spit off? Do you yell “look Justin Bieber” to distract the spitter while you wipe the spit?

5.   When you trip- this one is my personal favorite. Call me sadistic if you want but there is nothing more enjoyable than watching someone awkwardly trip and fall or maybe even try to grab something for support before they eventually fall anyway. The sad part comes in when this happens to you and there are lots of people around. At this point there will be three groups of people around you- the ones who will run to you and try to help you while constantly asking if you’re okay, the second group will blankly stare at you and maybe take a few pictures and videos for snapchat, the third group will laugh till they cry right in front of you with no regard for your feelings. Either way the situation will be awkward. Again denial and repression are a good way to get over it.

Although these things can make you cringe the important thing to remember is making mistakes is a part of being human and sometimes silly mistakes can actually lead to great results. Like in Game of Thrones we all thought the Khaleesi and Khal were a mistake but they ended up being one of our favorite couples. So next time try to laugh it off and not take things too seriously!

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Throner Problems

*Warning: Contains Spoilers*

Game Of Thrones may be the greatest show I have ever watched. When I watched the first episode (and made the mistake of liking Eddard Stark) I was a little taken aback because believe me there is no one in the world that can prepare you for Game Of Thrones. But at the same time I felt this unexplainable need to binge watch it for the rest of the day. I actually only began watching it a few months ago but I binge watched and finished all 5 seasons in about a month.

“There’s a beast in every man and it stirs when you put a sword in his hand”

But as we have learnt from Game Of Thrones, all good things come with a price. Here are some problems that all throners (I like to call Game Of Throne fans that!) know too well:

  1. You’re always afraid to get attached- From the moment you see Ned Stark beheaded you promise yourself “never again.” Never again will you let yourself get so attached to a character again- and especially not a Stark. But you can’t help it. Deep down you know you will always respect Arya and grow to admire Khaleesi and Tyrion even though they may be at any random moment killed or more likely severely tortured and then killed. And you have to admit you were rooting for Rob Stark… and then the “Red Wedding” happened (why???) It is quite saddening to know that you can never truly grow attached to a character because they will probably soon die a horrible death (probably at the hands of a Lannister). Although I am not going to complain about King Joffrey’s death (I watched that scene quite a few times with sheer joy).

2.  Simultaneously loving and hating characters- As much as the Lannister’s are snide, arrogant, sadistic and twisted (except Tyrion of course) they are still extremely entertaining and you do have to give them credit. Tywin was one of the smartest men in this show and that is why he survived as long as he did and was able to acquire that much wealth and power. Cersei and Jamie are of course a very interesting duo (*cough incest cough*) but as evil as Cersei may be she does love her children (even the sadistic psychopathic one) and was truly devastated when Joffrey died (perhaps she was the only one who actually mourned him). Lord Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish is another confusing character that just messes with your head. On one hand you will always hate him for his betrayal to the Starks but on the other hand he did save Sansa (only to marry her off to Ramsey!). He’s conniving and disloyal but he is also sharp and always one step ahead (which living in a place like Westeros you have to be). Even King Joffrey grows on you at some point and you begin to miss him after a while (there I said it!)

3.  Spoilers- Yes we get it, you’ve read the books and know more than we do but that doesn’t mean you post about it on every possible site you can find! Avoiding spoilers is like living on an island and trying not to get wet. Everywhere you go there are people commenting and talking about things we don’t know about yet and it is super annoying. At least warn us first so we don’t read it.

4.  Khaleesi- Don’t get me wrong, Khaleesi is great, but sometimes she does tend to get on my nerves. To begin with, is she ever going to get to Westeros in this century? Honestly she is taking forever and as much as I like to watch her grow and succeed her character needs to start making its way to the main storyline. Furthermore, she definitely isn’t ready for the power she desires and I don’t think she can handle the throne because she might just crack under all the pressure and become just like her father. We have definitely seen hints of her cruelty like when she nailed the slave masters to the signposts without differentiating between the guilty and the relatively innocent (like Hizdahr zo Loraq’s father). This wouldn’t be the first time a Targaryen has ordered mass punishment. In addition to this, how does she expect to rule over The Seven Kingdoms when she can’t even rule over Meereen. Plus, her dragons are out of control.

5.  Non-throners- For me there are two different types of people in the world: throners and non-throners. And it’s not that I don’t like people who aren’t fans of GoT, it’s just that sometimes it makes life a lot more difficult for us. For one, they don’t get inside jokes or phrases like “you know nothing Jon Snow” and apparently they don’t get insulted when you compare them to King Joffrey (which is annoying because that’s the worst insult I can think of). They also often say things like “is that the show with the boobs and dragons” when in reality it is a complicated woven tapestry of politics, relationships, family, mythical creatures and more. Other irking phrases they use include “is she the white haired girl?” (it’s silver!) and “cut off his what??” You cannot talk to them about the new exciting things that just happened or who died and how, you can’t exchange theories about who Jon Snow’s parents are or what happened to Arya. This can be quite disappointing.

“Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you”

Even though there are all these cons of GoT the important thing to remember is that it is still incomparable and the pros far outweigh the cons. I can absolutely not wait for the next season! I mean what happened to Arya and Khaleesi and Jon Snow.

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Book Review: The Book Thief

*Warning: Contains spoilers*

When I first heard of The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, people said it was unbelievable and incomparable but to be honest I never felt a particular longing to read it. However, I did eventually pick it up and once I did I could not stop reading.


You are going to die.

That is literally one of the first things you will read in this book. The book narrated by none other than Death himself is a troubling and engaging story of a girl whom we soon come to recognize as “The Book Thief.” It is written at the time of Hitler’s reign, when the Nazi’s had control of Germany and this book is actually filled with little sprinkles of real facts and events that took place in Nazi Germany. As someone who is very interested in history this only makes a particularly impressive book even better. All the events in this book occur all the while that World War II is ongoing, and eventually the war causes an unimaginable chain of events that will lead to the destruction of Himmel Street

“Like most misery it started with happiness- Death

The irony and sometimes biting sarcasm involved in Deaths narration of the events that follow are both humorous and depressing at the same time. All the while Death tries to be “cheerful” and “amiable” to prove to humans that he too is capable of this. However, he does insist we don’t expect him to be “nice” because as “agreeable” as he attempts to be, being “nice” is not one of his strong suits (obviously).

“It kills me sometimes how people die” – Death

As the story continues we are introduced to some of the most loveable characters I have ever read about. Beginning with Leisel Meminger who has been left in the care of Mr. Hans Hubbermann, a lovable, patient and caring father figure to Leisel and apparently a fantastic accordionist who takes Leisel under his wing as he teaches her not only to read but lessons about the world and life that we should all take seriously. She is also in the care of Mrs. Rosa Hubbermann who comes off at first as impatient and rude but as the story progresses and we witness her treatment of Max Vandenburg we realize she is in her own way as loving and caring as Hans.

Max Vandenburg is a Jew who is hiding from the Nazi’s and ends up staying in the Hubbermann’s basement. His charming personality strongly contrasts with the hardships he has to endure due to the single, incriminating fact that he is Jewish. Leisel learns to love him as well as lean on him in times of sorrow. Through this little girls eyes we see the wrongful treatment of the poor, innocent Jews who were victimized in Nazi Germany.

Rudy Steiner quickly becomes Leisel’s best friend. His sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, and athletic and intellectual knowledge quickly grows on the reader and on Leisel too. He always remains in love with her and his longing to kiss her never changes.

The end is too realistically painful and leaves the reader mourning the death of these beloved characters who were through destiny forcefully put together on Himmel Street and formed a deep bond that no family could ever compare to. It ends with Death’s haunting declarative “I am haunted by humans” as he admits that his job is a difficult one.

“Even death has a heart”

The Book Thief is one of the deepest, most thought provoking, uplifting and beautifully depressing books I’ve ever read. The characters, all woven into World War II Germany capture the hearts of the reader in a way few other characters can brag to. I can definitely say that Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief is a novel you must immediately read.

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Things All Introverts Want You To Know

Being an introvert can sometimes be very difficult. You never know what to say, or how to handle new situations and people. Sometimes regular things that most people don’t even need to think about can make you freak out. Here are some things that will hopefully help you understand introverts better:

  1. We’re not bitchy, unfriendly or mean- if we just met or even if we’ve been friends for a while but aren’t that close the only thing you’re going to get is a smile and some polite and probably painfully awkward conversation about cats. It’s not that we’re anti-social or even asocial, we like talking and are probably dying to talk to someone about the latest How To Get Away With Murder episode we just watched, it’s just our brain seems to freeze around unfamiliar territory (you). So please just try to be patient if we don’t smile back or look away in fear. We’ll come around soon and it’ll be worth it!
  2. New people scare us- it’s not you it’s us. No, honestly! Please don’t leave us alone with random people you claim we have “lots in common with” because even if we have everything in common the conversation is not going to flow. We aren’t going to know how to begin or what to say next, I mean the most likely thing that will happen is we’ll leave on the pretense of going to the bathroom.
  3. New situations scare us even more- everything from being picked on to answer a question in class to flying on an airplane or giving an opinion can be chilling. Even sitting near someone new can be terrifying. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like going to new places and trying new things, it just means we need to take small, less scary steps towards it.
  4. If we say we’re busy we’re probably in our pj’s binge watching Game Of Thrones introverts need to recharge so that we can get up in the morning and handle the next day. If we sometimes turn down your offer to hang out don’t take it personally. It’s not that we don’t enjoy your company, because we do and sometimes hanging out is really great but introverts need their alone time where they can just binge watch their favorite shows for a while, or stay in bed and read. This does not mean we don’t want to go out and have some fun so try not to give up on us!
  5. Trying new things is not fun for us- even though we’re never going to say no to try a new ice cream flavor, trying new things can be quite intimidating. What we would probably love to be doing instead of going to a new club or even meeting new class mates is sitting at home with a book in our hand. New experiences are always good but for us we prefer the good old. We’re very habitual and change can often be very uncomfortable.
  6. Reading rules- there are so many awesome things I can say about reading I don’t even know where to start. I think the best part is you can quietly sit somewhere, with no one else around to talk, and you can really appreciate the book. Plus, for a while all you think about are the characters and you forget about real life and you get to be a part of a fictitious world. When you see us reading do not, I repeat, do not interrupt us even if there’s a zombie apocalypse.
  7. We’re secretly rebellious- we’re secretly super rebellious and just because we don’t give our opinion doesn’t mean we don’t have an opinion. There’s just so much going on in our heads it’s difficult to put it into words. However, once you get an introvert to start talking you will learn so many weird facts it’s going to blow your mind. You’re also going to get some crazy conspiracy theories and opinions.
  8. Don’t try to change us- being an introvert is not something we want to change. We like being who we are so stop trying to push us to be more social. We like having a small group of close friends, and we like being on our own. Accept us for who we are, not what you want us to be. We are, believe it or not, comfortable in our own skin. Don’t try to fix us because we aren’t broken.

I know how tough it is to be an introvert because you can never truly be yourself around a lot of people and sometimes it’s challenging to be the quiet shy one because people are so quick to judge. But to all the introverts out there, be strong because being different is something to cherish not something to be ashamed of. If you feel like your spouse or significant other doesn’t understand you or why you are the way that you are you can always check out online marriage counselling. And to all those reading this who aren’t introverts, just because we’re shy doesn’t mean you can’t take the first steps. Try talking to that geeky chick sitting at the corner reading and if you succeed in befriending her trust me you have got one good friend. We may not be a lot of things but we are loyal and protective over people we love. So just be proud of who you are and do your best!

” You may think I’m small, but I have a universe inside my head” – Yoko Ono

“I restore myself when I’m alone” – Marilyn Monroe